Thursday, July 20, 2017

Out of Office

Starting on Friday, 2017-07-21, I am out office until the end of August.

While I am out, I will not be able to respond to emails/issues/etc. If you find a bug/issue, I encourage you to report it using the controls in the webapp or by opening an issue in GitHub.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Change Log: 2.24.539

Release version 2.24.539 tidies up some minor UI/UX annoyances on the SurvivorSheet. It also ties the javascript downloads to the release version number, so we should have fewer cache-related user issues from now on. 

The release adds no new functionality, but I suppose you could call 2.24.539 a "quality of life" release. 

With any luck, this tiny release will be the last release until the end of August.

Change Log: 2.24.531

Release 2.24.531 is basically a break/fix patch to undo the damage caused in Monday's deployment.

So yeah, uh...sorry about that.

In order to apply this fix, I had to finish up and push out a couple of new API routes and, whenever I do that, there is always risk of unintended consequences, so I'll be keeping an eye on this release and potentially doing another patch tomorrow or this weekend.

Otherwise, assuming that this release looks OK and sits well for the next day or two, I do not plan on doing any additional releases until late August, so this may be the last you hear out of me for a while.

Thanks for using the Manager!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Settlement Sheet monster controls are broken!

I am currently out of office (work travel), but I just got done reading a few write-ins about weird behavior affecting the Settlement Sheet and checking logs and it looks like I made a pretty bad mistake in my haste to get the last release of the manager into production.

Basically, I accidentally pushed out some code that I wasn't done with and, long story short, the Settlement Sheet controls for managing quarry, nemesis and defeated monsters are broken: they're not working at all.

I have opened an issue in Github and will be working on a patch over the next 48 hours: I'll have some updated code in production by Wednesday night (USA Central time).

Change Log: 2.24.521

Release 2.24.513 did not break as many things as I expected it to, so this follow-up release is not very extensive, but should clear up a the major/disruptive issues introduced in the last one.

Specifically, the bugs affecting the automatic application of settlement principle buffs (specifically the "Conviction" principles) and weapon mastery are addressed. Problems with updating survivor sex and retirement status are also addressed.

As of right now, I think I will probably do one more 'stabilizing' release this week as minor issues trickle in (assuming they do trickle in).

After that, there will not be another major release of the Manager until mid-August. Thanks for your patience.

And thanks for using the Manager!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Change Log: 2.24.513

Survivor Sheet upgrade!
The Survivor Sheet Upgrade release, otherwise known as 2.24.513, is finally here!

It is also is probably the biggest release since the Anniversary Release back in January.

As far as features go, this one overhauls most of the controls on the Survivor Sheet:
  • Adding Abilities & Impairments no longer reloads/refreshes the Survivor Sheet
  • Settlement Sheet "flags" (e.g. "Cannot use Fighting Arts") are now automatically set (though you can still toggle them) based on A&Is
  • Survival Actions on the Sheet now also appear/disappear automatically as A&Is add or remove access to different SAs.
  • A number of Survivor Sheet controls have been refactored to no longer require page refresh/reload, including Cursed Item controls and Savior controls, Dragon Traits and "The Constellations", etc.

This one is also a major API milestone: as of 2.24.513, we've got API-side survivor normalization and we're starting to enhance the survivor data model so that it can support all of the UI/UX magic we've got planned for The Watcher.

Speaking of that, this one also pushes a slew of new API routes for working with survivors: there are now 20 documented routes for managing various aspects of the Survivor Sheet via the API.

As of  2.24.513 (API release 0.51.381), I would say that we're about 60% finished with migrating the old survivor update methods from the legacy webapp to the API, which is one of three major prerequisites for the alpha release of the Watcher (the other two being API-based user and settlement management).

Finally, if precedent is any guide, this release, since it is such a major overhaul of the front- and back-end components of the Manager, is almost certainly going to be associated with some usability/presentation issues. Thanks in advance for your patience!

And thanks for using the Manager!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Major Survivor Sheet Upgrade tomorrow!

The Survivor Sheet upgrade release is ready to go, but I want to spend a little time QAing it before I release it, so it's probably not going into production until tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, I made a feature demo GIF showing how the new, improved Survivor Sheet will work for PotStars campaigns, with respect to updating the Dragon Traits/Constellations table without having to reload or refresh.


Controls for Fighting Arts and Disorders still require a reload/refresh of the page.
That will be addressed in the next release of the Manager!