Sunday, December 13, 2015

Change Log: 1.19.120

Includes a handful of rapid-response patches and fixes. Added a toggle for "Cannot use Fighting Arts" and a new "Innovation Deck" feature to help build the Innovation Deck faster.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Added a quick fix to correct an issue where settlement population was not accurately reflected in the Campaign view links and Survival Limit was not accurately reflected on the Survivor sheet. -Dennis Acc
  • Survivors are now sorted by name in the campaign view (including the "Hunting Party"). -Dennis Acc, Leky
  • Fixed a bug where adding the "Pictograph" innovation did not add the "Momento (sic) Mori" innovation to the dropdown/pick-list for innovations.
  • Added "Marrow Hunger", "Dream of the Beast", "Caratosis", "Red Life Exchange", "Dream of the Crown", "Dormenatus", "Green Life Exchange", "Dream of the Lantern", "Lucernae" and "Blue Life Exchange" to Abilities and Impairments. -Dennis Acc, mew1997


  • Added an "Innovation Deck" sub-heading to the Innovations controls on the Settlement form that lists all cards in the settlement's Innovation Deck. -Dennis Acc
  • Deprecated the one-off asset.Settlement.get_min_survival_limit() function.
  • "Cannot use Fighting Arts" is now toggle-able (under "Fighting Arts"): toggling it on/off controls a strikethrough effect on existing Fighting Arts.

Coming Soon

  • New Settlement Storage sorting/organization/stacking (it's gonna be really good!).
  • Multiple survivor management on one screen (at desktop resolution only).
  • Survivor ancestors.
  • Checkbox/toggle for "Cannot use fighting arts"; strike-trough text for Fighting Arts when toggled on.
  • Weapon specialties and masteries added to Innovations.
  • Page number references for story events.
  • Nemesis dropdown/picker.
  • Dynamic "Defeated Monsters" dropdown/picker based on available quarries.

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