Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Change Log: 1.21.155

First off, the total death count across all settlements hit 100 last night! Second, this is a huge release: the new Settlement Storage UI (with stacking items) is included, the "sign in" view is redesigned and works at narrow and wide resolutions, a handful of administrative features are included (admin panel, enhanced logging, user password change) and survivor deaths are now indexed in their own collection, among other things. Whew!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where milestone story events could be added multiple times (with no negative effect on UX, but at the expense of wasted space in MDB).
  • Fixed a bug in the new Settlement Storage where adding a custom item removed your first non-custom item.
  • Removed the random "None" tile floating above Settlement Storage.
  • Fixed a bug in assets.survivor.death() that incremented the settlement death count twice in some cases.
  • Storage is now case-insensitive. -Zazarg
  • Fixed the registration bug new user registration fails when an existing user's email and password are entered (hats off to the guy who found that one: if you're reading this and you are that guy, please email me and let me know what you were trying to do!).
  • Fixed an issue where weird (partially failed?) form submissions caused duplicate innovations and principles to be added to settlements.
  • Fixed a bug that cause Innovations to be added and immediately un-added if the first innovation was a custom Innovation.


  • Deprecated assets.Settlement.get_storage("drop_list")
  • Added autofocus to User login on sign in page
  • New Settlement Storage UI (went out last night ahead of this release). -Dennis Acc
  • Improved authentication logs (should help with troubleshooting session issues).
  • Wide-resolution CSS version one is (finally) live: the sign-in screen should adapt to desktop-ish viewports. More wide-resolution views are coming soon!
  • Sign in and new registration view overhaul. -Logan Ogden
  • Survivor deaths are now stored in their own collection.
  • Created an admin panel.
  • Users can change passwords from the "System" controls on the dashboard.
  • Defeated monsters are now saved in the settlement's "kill board" (this will figure into timeline/lineage view, along side survivor ancestors, cause of death info, etc.).
  • Added a dynamic "Defeated Monsters" list based on quarries and available nemeses. -Leky
  • Created assets.settlement.rm_game_asset() for better/faster asset removal.

Coming Soon

  • Settlement history views (e.g. for timeline and ancestors, etc.) and management.
  • Multiple survivor management on one screen (at desktop resolution only).
  • Weapon specialties and masteries added to Innovations.
  • Page number references for story events.
  • Nemesis dropdown/picker.

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