Saturday, December 19, 2015

Change Log: 1.22.192

All views now have a functional wide (e.g. desktop) resolution option. The "Return from Hunt" feature has been updated to automate the every-other-hunt skipping of Survivors with the "Secretive" disorder. Applied a handful of presentation, typo and style fixes.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a presentation issue that broke the bounds of the courage box on the Survivor sheet in the mobile view.
  • Fixed a typo in "Clan of Death". -Dennis Acc
  • Corrected an issue where the page anchors for mobile adjusted the view in wide-resolution.
  • Normalized presentation between "Weapon Proficiency", "Hunt XP" "Courage" and "Understanding" on the Survivor sheet so that they look the same now.
  • Fixed the sorting on the Dashboard's Campaigns menu (it sorts by alpha now, just like the Settlements menu).
  • Adding "Secretive" to a Survivor's Disorders only toggles "Skip Next Hunt" when the Survivor returns from the hunt. -Dennis Acc, Zazarg
  • Fixed a text generation problem on the Settlement form that made the word "Survivors" appear twice. -Zazarg
  • Cleaned up the spacing in the Dashboard System menu.


  • Added Story Event page number references to the Settlement sheet. -Fortold
  • Added wide resolution support for the following views:
    • Survivor Sheet
    • Settlement Sheet
  • Upon returning survivors from the hunt, Survivors in the settlement who have "Skip Next hunt" toggled on will automatically un-toggle "Skip Next Hunt".
  • Added "Random" Fighting Art and Disorder option to the Fighting Art and Disorder pickers (use this to assign a survivor one random, new Fighting Art or Disorder).
  • Redesigned the "Lost Settlements" box on the Settlement Sheet to look more like the other Settlement attributes and include a reference to the Lost Settlements table.

Coming Soon

  • Settlement Storage is kind of a mess at desktop resolution: the (long overdue) Storage overhaul is going to happen this week
  • Password recovery
  • Hunting Party Sanity/Survival increment/decrement
  • Remove custom events from the Settlement Timeline
  • User Preferences
  • System Exports and XLS/PDF Exports

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