Thursday, December 31, 2015

Change Log: 1.24.256

I just took a night off to do some play- and usability-testing and have a close read of the logs, so this releases pushes a collection of presentation/prettiness/normalization and QoL adjustments. There are only a couple major features to add before we're "feature complete", so this one has a lot of house-keeping and reorganization related to the effort of making space for those.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in the "Rhythm Chaser" description, punched up the formatting of the "Birth of a Savior" attributes and few of the disorder descriptions. -Dennis Acc
  • Fixed a bug where certain "Abilities and Impairments" could be added multiple times due to page reloads/refreshes.
  • Removed redundant "born_in" attrib from
  • Survivor "parent" info is saved as a BSON Object ID now, instead of a string.
  • The random "Fighting Art" picker may no longer select "Secret" fighting arts.
  • The random "Fighting Art" picker no longer says, "Random Fighting_art" (it now says "Random Fighting Art").
  • Hit Boxes (i.e. the HTML5 "number" input shields) will now enforce a zero minimum value in compliant browsers. -Jaimie B
  • Trailing "s" characters are removed automatically from weapon proficiencies. -Elicious
  • Fixed a bug where adding a custom nemesis could also increment the first nemesis in the Settlement's list under certain conditions.
  • Addressed/mitigated a presentation issue where long nemesis names could break the formatting on wide resolutions (and sometimes on narrow ones). 


  • Adding any "Birth of a Savior" ability now automatically adds the related abilities (e.g. adding "Dream of the Beast" adds "Caratosis" and "Red Life Exchange", etc.). -elicious
  • Abilities and Impairment maximums are now enforced every time a survivor is modified, which fixes the bug mentioned above and also removes a lot of redundant checking in assets.Survivor.modify().
  • Principles can now be removed. -mireland
  • Survivor parent info is auto-appended to survivor epithets on creation (i.e. so that you can remove it if you don't want to see it).
  • Added "Undisputed boss of the settlement" (from "Murder") and "Triathlete" to epithets.
  • Moved nemesis increment biz logic from assets.Settlement.modify() to its own function; added logging and user instrumentation.
  • Added a Nemesis dropdown/picker. -Leky, mew1997
  • Defeated monsters now "stack" on the Campaign summary and the Settlement sheet.
  • Deprecated "return_as" kwarg style from assets.Survivor.get_fighting_arts().
  • Principles associated with Story Event Milestones (i.e. new life, death, society) are now directly related to Milestones in the game assets models. When a principle is set before its precursor Milestone, the Milestone is toggled on. -Dennis Acc
  • Story event milestones are now uniquified on settlement post-processing (i.e. enforced as part of the data model).
  • Created assets.Settlement.enforce_data_model(), which is a greatest-hits of settlement normalization code, and deprecated a handful of redundant/duplicative normalizing methods.
  • Dead survivors are silver/grey in the Campaign Summary and on the Settlement Sheet; retired survivors and survivors skipping the next hunt are tan/taupe.
  • Campaign Summary and Settlement Sheet survivor links now indicate whether the Survivor is skipping the next hunt; retirement Lantern Year is also included for retired survivors.
  • Marking a survivor dead now automatically decrements population if population is above the settlement's minimum population (i.e. the number of living survivors tracked in the Manager).

Coming Soon

  • XLS Exports
  • Remove custom events from the Settlement Timeline

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