Friday, January 22, 2016

Butcher Reconstruction and Rebuild

The final, finished project.

What follows is not your typical, "hey guys, look at my awesome painting skills" post about building and painting minis. 

Rather, what you will see below is what happens when a Kingdom Death Monster mini gets basically destroyed and a guy rebuilds it from scrap resin and green stuff.

I have not so far used this blog for posts about minis and game stuff and I do not plan to change or complicate the focus in the future, but I wanted to share some shots of a project I've been working on lately and this seemed like a logical/easy place to do so.

(Which is to say that painting, building and other such topics will not be regular subject matter on this blog.)


The backstory is simple: after I built and primed my Butcher mini, I pressed him immediately into service and played a few showdowns with him (including the infamous showdown where he killed everyone in Zeus Lenox). 

I started painting him one day--I had a sort of metallic blue/orange kind of final product in mind-- and, one night, while he was in transit between my office and the kitchen table, I dropped him. 

When he hit the floor, he basically exploded. 

The following occurred:
  • both legs broke at the knees.
  • the top of his visor broke off, as well as the two fangs that come out of his Baron √únderbheit jaw piece thing. These all went flying in different directions and I have no idea where they ended up.
  • he lost one of the spike/knife things from the top of his helmet.
  • His left cleaver broke off at the hand, but I was able to find it.
  • His right cleaver broke off at the hand as well and, in spite of its large size, also somehow managed to disappear with the tiny helmet pieces that broke off.
And that is why I had to reconstruct my Butcher mini.

Reconstruction and Greenstuffing

First things first, I realized that I wasn't totally feeling my original paint scheme and that if I was going to rebuild himsoaked the mini overnight in paint thinner. The next day, I scrubbed the primer off with a toothbrush. 

(This took...several attempts. Some scraping with a tweezers was involved.)

The snout/visor made of Green Stuff.
Next, once I got the mini back down to resin, I cut a triangular piece of resin from an old sprue and super glued it to his helmet. From there, I green-stuffed it out (with Citadel liquid Green Stuff, which is a little easier to sculpt when you're doing very fine work, I find).

I also built fangs for the jaw piece out of liquid Green Stuff. 

Ultimately, my goal was to paint the helmet in bone/stone tones (to give them a more...raw/natural/found/crude/primal sort of appearance), so I chiseled some grain details into the helmet visor with a small hand drill, a tweezers and an X-Acto knife
Once I had the liquid Green Stuff the
way I wanted it, I "varnished" it in
super glue.
To replace the spike/knife that broke off the top of his helmet, I cannibalized one of the bone knife Survivor weapons (from the Rawhide set). Essentially, I chopped the knife off, cut off its handle and glued it where the old spike had been.

Next, I (quite stupidly, it turns out) tried to glue his surviving hatchet back on. I also cut the Butcher hatchet from the Rare Weapons/Screaming Antelope sprue and tried to glue that back on as well.

I tried gel and I tried regular super glue and I even (more stupidly) tried the kind of heavy epoxy where you have to mix the two elements together and let it set over night. 

Ultimately, the old cliche about a thing breaking and never being as strong as it was held, however, and my "drown it in glue" methodology ended in failure.
Right hand metal
support stub.

From there, having basically ruined the mini's hands, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I drilled out the hatchets and the (mangled remains) of the hands and glued pieces of thicker sewing needles into the stumps of the hands, forming supportive stubs.

I slid the hatchets onto the metal stubs and glued everything together with regular super glue. I wouldn't say this resulted in great success, but it was sturdy enough to proceed.

From there, I re-primed the model.

Here is how the Greenstuffed bits looked with white primer:


Once painted, head parts ended up coming out...OK.

I mean, none of it looks especially great, but in terms of a tabletop-quality mini that you're looking at with your naked eye (from a few feet away), I think the head is very serviceable:

The hands, however, did not go as well.

This is, as I have been saying, mostly my fault: trying to reaffix the hatchets without some kind of support was stupid, and I basically ruined the figurine's hands beyond repair. 

I tried to cover up for this with paint, and had not-great results:

Here is the final outcome from two angles:

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  1. That is a nice rebuild. Without a direct comparison to the original, it will hold up very well. The bottom line: if you like it, it is a good job.