Sunday, January 3, 2016

Change Log: 1.24.278

This is the first release since the massive DDOS attack on Linode and related outages that started on New Year's Day 2016 (and which are presently ongoing). I have some additional comments and updates on that situation after the jump break. As far as the release goes, there are some fixes and corrections in this one, but mostly this release fancies up the UI/UX piece on the Survivor management controls in the Campaign View and on the Settlement sheet. New/newborn buffs from Principles and Innovations are automatically applied on new Survivor creation (finally).

As of about 09:30 Central today, Linode has this to say about the Atlanta DDOS attack:
We believe that we have closed all of the attack vectors that can lead to a DDoS taking down the entire Atlanta datacenter. We are monitoring to confirm this.
Which means that I am able to get back to work, but not that we are out of the woods. 

For now, I am going to leave the outage warning on the KDM-Manager dashboard in place until the official "all clear" comes from the engineers at Linode.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to hear it from me personally, I would like to apologize again: I should (and, indeed, did) know better than to have put all of my eggs in one basket and I am already working on improving redundancy/access for the next time something like this happens. 

Thanks again for using the manager! 

Corrections and Fixes:

  • Fixed a form bug that prevented the remove principle picker from working correctly.
  • Campaign Summary no longer shows innovations in the principles list. -Dennis Acc
  • Fixed a bug in assets.Settlement.get_mins() that was appending principles to innovations during Survival Limit calculation.
  • Fixed a form bug where deprecated settlement attributes ('death_principle', 'new_life_principle', 'society_principle') were inadvertently being set.
  • Fixed a typo in the "Fist & Tooth" mastery text.
  • The "Weapon Proficiency" type text field now submits on change (because we need to refresh the form because sometimes we gain a Specialization/Mastery).
  • Fixed typos in "Barbaric", "Sour Death" and ""; added markup for "Clan of Death".
  • Permanently deleting a survivor is handled as a death now (and calls assets.Survivor.death(), etc.) and decrements Settlement population. -elicious80
  • Fixed a form bug where setting "Abilities and Impairments" in a certain order would toggle random (?) Survivor flags.
  • Fixed a bug where survivor and settlement buffs from principles were not displayed correctly on the Survivor Sheet; fixed a related bug in assets.Settlement.get_bonuses() where principles were not processed correctly.


  • Created a backup "droplet" w/ Digital Ocean; gave it the sysadmin GI shower (changed /tmp to a loop, disabled root ssh login and changed the ssh port, etc.)
  • Synchronized home directories with the Linode VPS
  • Configured postfix to SMTP relay through (for password recovery) and updated DNS for use with Google Postmaster Tools
  • On the Campaign Summary view, the "+ Create New Survivor" button is now ABOVE the survivor controls for easier access; its position on the wide resolution view is the same. -elicious80
  • Survivor "Abilities and Impairments" now automatically toggle on "Skip Next hunt" where appropriate.
  • On the Campaign Summary view as well as the Settlement sheet, survivor controls now automatically hide the retired and the dead. -elicious80
  • The Survivor Sheet now has a toggle that allows you to "Favorite" a survivor. This puts them in the first organizational group on the Campaign Summary view. -elicious80
  • New Survivor buffs from the innovations, "Graves", "Barbaric", "Romantic", "Survival of the Fittest", "Clan of Death" and "Saga" are now automatically applied when creating a new Survivor. -elicious80, Leky
  • Added Bone Witch story event abilities and impairments: "Homing Instinct", "Bone Witch - Wounds" and "Bone Witch - Scarred eyes" are now options on the Abilities and Impairments dropdown.
  • Settlement population, death count and survival minimums are enforced on viewing the campaign summary now, so minimum values are no longer synthesized while creating the view.
  • Updated the warning on the Survivor Sheet about permanently deleting survivors to include instructions for deleting the settlement. -stephensmith7
  • Refactored assets.Settlement.get_bonuses() to remove deprecated "return_as" convention and to support "return_type" kwarg values.

Coming Soon

  • XLS Exports
  • Password Recovery

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