Monday, January 11, 2016

Change Log: 1.27.313

This release pushes an overhaul of the Survivor Sheet's hit boxes as well as a handful of QoL and usability updates based on a long weekend of QA and testing with a bunch of awesome dudes.

Corrections and Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug (introduced around 1.24.256) where Survivor email could be saved with prefixing/suffixing whitespace on new user creation. -n4gol
  • Fixed a presentation error where select elements had huge text. -Nooschwander
  • Fixed a pair of complimentary typos in "Legendcaller" and "Thundercaller" abilities where the hunt event numbers were reversed. -Xairen
  • Fixed an order-of-operations bug suppressing the error message for new user creation attempts where both password fields don't match. -cyric013
  • Fixed a presentation issue where the "Saved!" notification could be obscured by the Survivor name on the Survivor Sheet.


  • Touched up the formatting on a number of Abilities and Impairments. Shout out to Xairen for making my life a lot easier.
  • assets.Survivor.toggle() now accepts the kwarg 'toggle_type' to support multiple-field ('implicit') and single-field ('explicit') toggles.
  • Replaced damage box label toggles with buttons that mimic the paper Survivor Sheets. Shout out to bnielsen for the javascript assist.
  • Toggling damage now auto-saves the Survivor sheet. -drbold220, dagron, zazarg
  • Abilities and Impairments may only be customized once: customizing the same ability twice overwrites the previous customization.
  • A number of Abilities and Impairments without permanent effects are now selectable from the Abilities and Impairments dropdown (for better, more complete record-keeping, etc.). -Xairen

Coming Soon

  • "Public" survivors
  • More user preferences
  • Password resets

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