Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Change Log: 1.27.321

This release is focused on backend fixes and improvements regarding permissions and survivor sharing and management and addresses a number of issues that percolated up during last night's play-testing.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Addressed a presentation issue where the create settlement form's dashboard ("gear") button obscured the form text. I also adjusted the nav bar color in both the mobile and desktop views so that it was Settlement orange, rather than Survivor green.
  • Custom location, innovation and quarry entries are now normalized and uniquified when assets.Settlement.enforce_data_model() is called. -deadpickle
  • Fixed a bug in non-binary, plaintext exports (e.g. python dictionary, pickle, etc.) where an extra newline caused a pickle.load() traceback on import.
  • Overhauled the New Survivor screen: the headline is gone, there is a "Permissions" box now (including controls for making a survivor "public": see below for more), and the "Save" button is a little more difficult to accidentally fat-finger on the Create Survivor form.
  • Off-limits items (e.g. users, etc.) now have the "disabled" class as well as the "disabled" attribute. Hopefully, this does something to mitigate the iOS mobile safari bug.


  • Refactored session.render_current_view() to be the single point of failure in the event that we cannot render the user's current view (for whatever reason). Removed traceback and exception capturing from downstream consumers of the function's output.
  • Unrecognized/"other" kill tokens are now printed on the admin panel's kill board.
  • Survivors may now be designated as "public", i.e. anyone who is involved in the campaign my modify/manage them. -n4gol, manvsfriction

Coming Soon

  • More/better user preferences
  • Password resets

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