Saturday, January 16, 2016

Change Log: 1.29.347

This is a big one. Release 1.29.347 fixes a handful of presentation bugs introduced yesterday when password resets were added. This release also implements the Settlement Event Log: the SE Log is read-only and can be accessed by anyone playing in a campaign (from the Campaign Summary view). For now, only a handful of events are logged, but I intend to add more SE logging as I go.

Corrections and Fixes:

  • Fixed a CSS problem causing the "Forgot Password" bug to be aligned incorrectly on narrow/mobile views.
  • Addressed a presentation bug where wide resolutions with short heights (e.g. 900px) truncated elements of certain screens. -drbold220
  • Fixed a bug introduced a couple of releases back where Innovation normalization prevented survivor buffs from being auto-applied.
  • Fixed a bug where updating email addresses with copy/paste could add prefixing or suffixing white space.
  • Normalized placement of top nav bar buttons in mobile width Settlement and Survivor Sheets.
  • Fixed autofocus issues on new user creation forms.
  • Fixed an order-of-operations bug where all principles were re-added to settlement principles when a principle was toggled to its opposite principle.


  • Refactored user preferences to be boolean instead of lazy (e.g. rather than checking for the existence of key/value pairs, I'm checking for actual True/False values now).
  • Implemented "default" values for user preferences; added a get_preference() method to assets.User that returns the default for a preference if it hasn't been set manually by the user, etc.
  • Auto-application of Settlement buffs to new survivors is now a user preference. -n4gol
  • Created settlement event logging.
  • Added --tail (admin.tail() func) to to tail settlement event logs from the CLI.
  • Refactored assets.Settlement.enforce_data_model() to enforce correct case for mixed case Principles and Innovations.
  • Created the new "Settlement Event Log" view.

Coming Soon

  • More/better Settlement Event logging (including story events, etc.)
  • Clean up and improvement of the Settlement Timeline

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