Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Change Log: 1.29.374

In addition to the usual bug fixes for the previous release, this release implements new functionality related to the Twilight Sword as well as the ability to mark a settlement abandoned.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed an order-of-operations bug where survivor name changes were not recorded correctly in the Settlement Event log.
  • Fixed a bug where permanently deleting a survivor caused admin.valkyrie() to throw a traceback when attempting to get settlement info about deleted settlements. -jonahdellgallemit
  • Fixed a bug in assets.Survivor.get_sex() where return type was a string (rather than None type) by default.
  • Fixed a bug where survivors with "Gender Swap" could be parents of their original sex as well as their functional sex (e.g. functional females could be both the father and the mother of a new survivor).
  • Normalized presentation of settlement buttons for wide resolution; adjusted colors and borders to look flatter.


  • Added "Twilight Sword" to Abilities and Impairments; adding the "Twilight Sword" ability automatically applies the "Twilight Sword" epithet to the Survivor. -Jaimie Lake
  • Added a few new epithets.
  • Removed Survivor management controls from the Settlement Sheet. 
  • Settlements may now be marked as "Abandoned", which prevents them from showing up in any user's dashboard as an active campaign. The owner of the settlement may still access it from his dashboard (under Settlements). -Xairen
  • The Survivor's children are now shown on the Survivor's Sheet (above "Permissions") if the survivor has children.  -Jaimie Lake
  • Changed Dashboard World MOTD to include abandoned settlement totals.
  • Added Lantern Year to Campaign Summary view. -pookin
  • The Settlement Event log now records:
    • when a survivor gets the Twilight Sword
    • when settlements are abandoned

Coming Soon

  • Timeline overhaul

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