Sunday, January 24, 2016

Change Log: 1.31.393

As usual, this "day after" release focuses on addressing issues introduced in yesterday's major feature release and cleaning up the back end (i.e. paying down technical debt). Feature-wise, the only major enhancements involve survivor avatars, which are now sown on the Dashboard's "World" menu and included in user data exports.

As of this release, the only work left to complete on V1 has to do with the settlement Timeline and I should have that wrapped up early this coming week.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Settlement Even log threw a traceback while building a family tree for a survivor whose parent had been permanently deleted.
  • assets.Survivor.normalize() now strips the bogus "view_game" attribute from survivors who have it (legacy data model).
  • Fixed a bug in admin.import_data() where survivors belonging to non-existent settlements could be imported (causing mdb errors re: duplicate login values, etc.)


  • Survivor names are red (for dead) and green (for alive) on the Lineage and Generation charts.
  • Data exports now include survivor avatars (as blobs from GridFS).
  • admin.valkyrie() no longer removes dead survivor avatars from GridFS.
  • admin.initialize() may only be run on the dev machine (paula.local) now.
  • Survivor avatars now appear on the Dashboard's "World" menu if they are the latest fatality.
  • admin.dump_document() now shows each document's attribute's Python type when dumping records.
  • Refactored admin.import_data() for DRYness and to handle avatar imports and log a little less arbitrarily. admin.import_data() may no longer import users whose login is already in use in the local mdb.

Coming Soon

  • User preference re: automatic application of impairment effects.
  • Timeline fixes/improvements
  • readme/manual (as a blog post and a link in the app)

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