Monday, January 25, 2016

Change Log: 1.32.399

This release overhauls the Settlement Timeline and implements it as a proper feature with methods and extensibility and the whole schmear. I've got a few more things to add to the Timeline and they will be out in tomorrow's release.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in admin.import_data() where existing GridFS objects prevented avatar imports.
  • Corrected a presentation issue where editing the Timeline reloaded the page to the wrong spot.
  • Fixed a timeline bug where adding settlement events also incremented the Lantern Year in some cases. -Xairen


  • Settlement Sheet timeline controls have been totally overhauled:
    • Story Events, Settlement Events, Nemesis Encounters and Quarry Hunts may all be added to the timeline through separate controls
    • Controls for modifying completed/concluded Lantern Years are hidden
    • Multiple event types per year will now be displayed on the timeline
  • Refactored assets.Settlement.get_timeline() method to deprecate "return_as" kwarg and handle multiple event type returns for the "html" return type.
  • Deprecated assets.Settlement.update_lantern_year().
  • Added assets.Settlement.update_timeline() method to handle new event additions by event type.

Coming Soon

  • Ability to remove events from the Settlement Timeline.
  • Timline tab on the Excel export.
  • User preference for auto-nerfing Survivors on addition of an impairment.

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