Friday, January 29, 2016

Change Log: 1.32.444

I did some pretty aggressive testing yesterday. This release, which will be one of the last feature releases, adds some fun, new elements to the "World" menu and the Settlement Event Log. In addition to the normal corrections and fixes, this 1.32.444 also improves genealogy/lineage calculation and usability a bit.

Corrections and Fixes

  • The "Broken hip" impairment may only be added once now; it also automatically disables the "Dodge" survival action.
  • Added "Father of Words" (from the "Glossolalia" Settlement Event) to Epithets.
  • The Plumery's "Hours Ring" is no longer listed twice in the Storage select drop-down.
  • The "World" menu's "Latest fatality" can no longer be an "Anonymous" survivor.
  • Multiple quarries may now be added to a single Lantern Year (e.g. for "Clinging Mist" events, etc.).
  • Adding an event to the Timeline now creates a Settlement Event Log entry that says what kind of event it was.
  • Normalized presentation between mobile and wide resolution views of the Settlement Event log. 


  • Moved latest fatality logic from the assets.User class to (where it belongs).
  • Reorganized the "World" menu of the Dashboard to fit more stat games.
  • The "World" menu of the Dashboard now has a few new general statistics:
    • a Principle selection popularity contest
    • average population and death count across all settlements
  • Created some back-off/graceful failure routines for when we can't create the World menu because of a calculation problem.
  • Refactored the default calendar creation method for new settlements for DRYness and general brevity.
  • Added some anchor link buttons to the Settlement Event log for easier navigation
  • The Survivor Sheet now lists the survivor's siblings (and half-siblings)
  • The recursion ceiling for genealogy calculation is now 10 (which should help with render times, etc.).
  • The "recursion limit" error thrown when settlement generations are undeterminable has been removed; instead, when a survivor's lineage is unknowable, we add them to the "Undetermined Lineage" bucket and render the view as normal.

Coming Soon

  • More user preferences.
  • Additional timeline improvements (including XLS and the ability to remove items).
  • First time login message for new users.
  • More videos!

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