Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tutorial/demo Videos!

As part of the release/finalization of the Manager, I'm going to throw together a few tutorial/demo videos to show screens and general usage: I just uploaded the first one.

The videos will be targeted at the hardcore kids running solo games, but I'll probably do one that showcases the collab/multiplayer stuff at some point.

(If anyone asked me how/why http://kdm-manager.com came into existence, I would tell them that it was for three reasons: Monster has too much overhead for a simpleton like me to admin it with paper, I needed an extensible way to rapidly admin the half-dozen or more solo campaigns I have had going since I got the game and, equally importantly, Monster is nearly impossible for casuals to play without some kind of automation.

Which is to say that while the main focus is and has always been on soloing, there's some multiplayer in the Manager's DNA.)

When these videos are finished and I have the manual/documentation where I want it, the Manager will be finished and I plan to do a "release" announcement for it. That should be some time early next week.

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