Wednesday, April 6, 2016

V1 Change Log: 1.32.546

Release 1.32.546 is frickin' yuge and, among other things, implements expansion support.

This release also nails down on a handful of presentation, usability and administration issues that have been annoying me for a while. For now, only the Gorm expansion is supported: hit the jump break for more details about expansion stuff.

QA process.
The emerging best practice for expansions is to only add in one or two at a time to any given campaign.

Accordingly, the Manager is going to be set up to allow users to "activate" certain expansions as needed via a checkbox toggle.

For now, just to try it out, I added the content for the Gorm expansion.

If you create a new settlement and check the box for it, the Manager automatically adds "The Approaching Storm" story event and the "Gorm Weather" settlement event to your timeline (in LY1 and LY2, respectively) and then adds the Gorm assets to the various decks.

To enable Gorm support for an existing campaign, just find the "Expansions" heading on the Settlement Sheet and check the box: this will add Gorm locations, innovations, disorders, fighting arts, etc. to the appropriate decks.

This is the first release and my first idea for how to manage expansion content, so I expect it to be at least a little bit buggy: if you check it out, please do take a second to drop me an email or make a comment about how/whether it worked or how it could work better, etc.

Finally, on an unrelated note, the death count across all settlements hit 1000 a little while back! At present, the death count is over 1100. That's a lot of dead survivors!

Thanks again for using the manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • "Finger of God" item from the Weapon Crafter no longer shows up under "Custom Items" in Settlement Storage.
  • Fixed some logging redundancy/typo issues re: the Valkyrie and mass survivor operations.
  • Linted style.css and fixed half a dozen (or so) irregularities/errors.
  • Recent session info (on Dashboard -> World) is based on user activity now, rather than session creation time.
  • Average population/death count/survival limit is now only calculated based on settlements with four or more living survivors and one dead one.
  • Fixed a presentation issue where navigation buttons were crazy wide in certain browsers at desktop/wide resolution.
  • "White Lion Armor" is now "White Lion Armor Set".
  • Fixed an issue for wide-resolutions where font-size was gigantic on some views.
  • Fixed a bug where assets.Settlement.update_timeline() would fail silently if target_ly wasn't an integer.


  • Saviors are stylized on the Campaign Summary view to distinguish them from others.
  • Session cookie now expires after a 30 days.
  • Session pruning now has access to user info. 
  • Admin user's sessions are no longer auto-pruned (i.e. they're immortal).
  • Added "preserve session" options to dashboard.
  • World stats now include average stats for survivors and a couple new stats for settlements.
  • Added Gormery and Gormchymist gear, Gorm innovations, disorders, resources and strange resources. Added Gorm to the Dashboard/World kill board tokens list as well as the available quarries.
  • Implemented new campaign and existing campaign support for Gorm expansion.
  • Added the Belt of Gender Swap to the Settlement Storage drop-down (under "Unique" items).
  • Added support for 'kdm-font-10' by Miracle Worker. Character mapping can be found here and CSS can be found on Fontastic. Added MW to the Dashboard credits: thanks again!
  • Campaign Summary endeavors use kdm-font-10 instead of images; swapped out images from the static bits of the Settlement Sheet as well. 
  • Added expansion toggle controls to "new settlement" form; created hooks for custom expansion effects for new settlements.
  • Added some Gorm-specific survivor epithets, for those of you who like epithets.
  • The Current Lantern Year's button is highlighted green.
  • Disorders and Fighting Arts from expansion content not currently included in the campaign cannot be randomly selected from the Survivor Sheet drop down (i.e. you can't randomly select "Mammoth Hunting" unless you've got "Gorm" enabled.
  • Similarly, Innovations from expansion content will not show up in innovation decks unless the expansion is enabled (same same with Locations). 
  • Expansion toggles have been added to the bottom of the Settlement Sheet.


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  2. Thank you so much for your continued work on this manager!

    God knows how many trees I've saved by using this! :P

    1. Not at all: thank you for using it!

      Hit me up if you see anything that looks out of whack or could be improved: having a second set of eyes helps a lot.

  3. Im glad i caught you post in reddit, i was really hoping someone would develop something like this. After mucking around using the official KD:M pdfs for digital log keeping this is glorious.

    1. Hey--thanks for using the Manager: I'm glad you're liking it!

      I'm getting ready to do another release (and add DBK support; Lion Knight and Lion God are coming up next), so if you see anything broken or if you have any ideas for improvement, hit me up.

      Thanks again!