Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Change Log: 1.33.608

Before the release details, a quick call for volunteers: if anyone regularly uses iOS (either iPhone or iPad) to use the Manager and feels like volunteering a little bit of their time, hit me up. I am trying to improve the iOS experience, but I need some real data on where to start with that.

The 1.33.608 addresses some of the major outstanding issues mentioned in the last change log and, drum roll please, finally implements a refactored Settlement Storage UI. Even though it's mostly fixes, there's still a lot of feature action in 1.33.608, so I expect at least a few bugs to pop up as a result: look for another release of similar scope tomorrow or the next day.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where custom disorders caused tracebacks when rendering Survivor Sheets. -drbold220
  • UTF-8 is now enforced in html.py. Should fix some of the unusual ascii character issues, e.g. umlauts, accents, etc.
  • Nailed down some more typos: "Bettle-brain" is corrected, the King's Curse flavor text typos have been fixed, 
  • Fixed the "Gender Swap" bug. Once a survivor has "Gender Swap" in their Abilities and Impairments, their sex may no longer be modified (for any reason).
  • Removed the several "King's Curse" impairments and replaced them with the single one from the "Regal" Rare Gear cards.
  • Cleaned up severe injury flavor text representation: all flavor text from the table now appears on the survivor sheet. 


  • Weapon Proficiency controls on the Survivor Sheet now have a drop-down. -manvsfriction, newcoda
  • Increment and decrement buttons are now visible in wide resolution on some big number fields: more are coming as soon as I can figure out how to add them without breaking the layout. 
  • Storage UI has been revised to use a modal window and individual drop-downs for locations. -Zazarg, Dennis Acc, et al.
  • Recently added items list now includes the last 10 added (up from three on account of the new, more expansive UI).
  • New storage UI is expansion-sensitive, so core game campaigns will not see expansion items.
  • Weapon Proficiencies and Weapon Masteries are now two separate data models; proficiencies are subject to expansion exclusions.

Outstanding Issues

The following items are not fixed in this release, but I am aware of them and will be working on getting them done and pushed into Production ASAFP. Thanks again for your patience! 
  • The issues preventing "Hooded Knight" from being auto-applied to the Timeline after the settlement's fifth innovation.
  • Nemesis levels are not "checked off" when settlement nemeses are defeated: not sure what's going on with that (but evidently it's been broken for a while).
  • Tracebacks caused by duplicative or other impossible hunting party updates. -Scott W

Coming Soon

  • Cursed item controls on the Survivor Sheet.
  • Tally of settlements using expansion content on the "World" panel.
  • Automate brain damage for the hunting party ("event" and "showdown" type damage: the amount of individual brain damage updates during Butcher and Gorm showdowns is too damn high!).
  • "Twin" controls on the New Survivor view.
  • Ability to hide previous Lantern Years in the Settlement Sheet timeline.
  • Lion God and Lion Knight expansions (probably both at the same time)
  • Quattrocento!
  • Severe Injuries separate/distinct from other Abilities and Impairments in the drop-down.
  • Formatting and presentation normalization for Severe Injury flavor text.

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