Saturday, May 21, 2016

Change Log: 1.34.633

This release overhauls/tricks-out the representation of endeavors on the Campaign Summary view: as of this release, endeavor tracking is now a first-class-citizen feature of the Manager.

I also spent some time with blog integration and took care of a handful of outstanding issues related to expansion content in this one. Details after the jump.

Endeavors af.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Added the Story Event icon to the flavor text for Pictograph's survivor buff.
  • Removed some print debugging from assets.Settlement.update_timeline() and a few other settlement admin methods.
  • Rewrote the whole world.latest_fatality() function for legibility, extensibility and general non-shittiness.
  • The "Crystal Skin", "Twilight Sword" and "King's Curse" abilities may only be added to a survivor's abilities and impairments once.
  • The "Wet Resin Crafter" location is no longer always available (the "Lantern Hoard" unlocks it now, just like "Gormchymy", etc.).
  • Fixed a bug where the right combination of going back and forth between the Campaign Summary and the Settlement Sheet could cause locations to become added to the settlement's innovations.
  • "Scrap Smelting" now appears in the drop-down for adding innovations after "Weapon Crafter" is added to settlement locations. 
  • Session cookies expire after 30 days now. The auto-pruner now kills all sessions older than 30 days, regardless of user preference.
  • The "intestinal prolapse" and "destroyed genitals" severe injuries may only be recorded once now.


  • Moved the "Available Endeavors" panel up in the Campaign Summary view: it's right beneath survivor controls now.
  • Created an API key and started adding blog data retrieval methods: utils.get_latest_blog_post() is functional and ready to integrated into the Dashboard.
  • Added latest change log link to the Dashboard "System" panel.
  • Anonymous and deleted (i.e. "Forsaken") survivors will no longer appear on the Dashboard's "World" panel as the "Latest fatality".
  • Refactored assets.Settlement.add_game_asset() to have access to the settlement timeline during post-processing. 
  • The "Hooded Knight" story event is now automatically added to the current LY on the settlement Timeline when the fifth innovation is added to the settlement: the auto-add shows up in Event Log.
  • Added "interactive" to the login page title. Touched up the presentation/formatting of the title at Wide Resolution (in preparation for the "keep me logged in" box).
  • Rey-keyed severe injuries into the Abilities and Impairments dict to include a.) all non-fatal injuries and b.) bleeding token references. Severe injuries are now "severe_injury" type, rather than "impairment" type. -Jaimie L 
  • Re-implemented and refactored endeavors in as well as assets.settlement.get_bonuses(): each one now has its own dictionary of description, cost, requirements, etc.
  • Locations now have endeavors, and those endeavors are shown on the Campaign Summary view. -C Harris
  • Killed the feature that is supposed to check off nemeses when they show up in the defeated monsters list: the logic was bizarre and I can't think of a smarter way to automate that for now.
  • Keyed in "Build" and "Special Innovate" endeavors from core game innovations and locations that have them: these will show up on the Campaign Summary view now.
  • Added the KD:M 1.4 "Shared Experience" endeavor to game_assets.locations["Lantern Hoard"].
  • The "Round Stone Training" innovation is no longer always available (it's a consequence of "Nightmare Training").
  • "Build" and "Special Innovate" endeavors are removed from the Campaign Summary view after the location is created.
  • Refactored add innovation drop-down renderer to force innovations with "Special Innovate" exceptions into the list prior to rendering (in such a way that it doesn't break the Innovation Deck feature).
  • Added the expansion popularity contest to and the Dashboard "World" panel.

Coming Soon

  • Cursed Item controls on the Survivor Sheet.
  • Add "keep me logged in" box to the sign in form.
  • Fix tracebacks caused by duplicative or other impossible hunting party updates. -Scott W
  • Automate brain damage for the hunting party ("event" and "showdown" type damage).
  • Increment/decrement buttons for the rest of the fields on the Survivor Sheet at wide resolution.
  • Quattrocento.
  • Some kind of visual distinction in the Abilities and Impairments drop-down on the Survivor Sheet (among the abilities, impairments and injuries).
  • Lion God and Lion Knight expansions (probably both at the same time).

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