Sunday, May 22, 2016

Change Log: 1.34.640

A wild Lion Knight appears!
I decided to roll out the Lion Knight a bit early, in this teeny-tiny release, as part of a handful of back-end fixes and critical feature revisions that I want to get into production in advance of the next couple of features.

Corrections and Fixes

  • The "Add Nemesis" drop-down now supports expansion nemeses.
  • Refactored the endeavors panel to be a little more consistent, with respect to punctuation,  formatting and general prettiness.


  • Added Lion Knight to expansions: related Story Events are automatically added to new settlements.
  • Keyed in Lion Knight assets: Innovations, Rare Gear, Fighting Arts and Disorders.
  • Refactored kill board calculations to process monster keys as well as tokens when counting. 
  • Added some Lion Knight epithets (you know, for fun).
  • Abilities and Impairments are now listed along with their type.

Coming Soon

  • Cursed Item controls on the Survivor Sheet.
  • Add "keep me logged in" box to the sign in form.
  • Fix tracebacks caused by duplicative or other impossible hunting party updates. -Scott W
  • Automate brain damage for the hunting party ("event" and "showdown" type damage).
  • Increment/decrement buttons for the rest of the fields on the Survivor Sheet at wide resolution.
  • Quattrocento.
  • Lion God.

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