Thursday, May 12, 2016

Next Release Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
This is just a quick teaser/update post to confirm a.) that I am still alive and maintaining this project and b.) that a pretty big update is coming down the pipe and should be live early this weekend.

As the image above suggests, the forthcoming release will implement support for the Dung Beetle Knight.

Additionally, it will fix some of the most annoying bugs from the 1.32.546 release and add some fun new stuff to the "World" tab on the Dashboard.

In the meantime, my roll-out plan for now is to add the two Lion expansions next, so look for those before very long: the Gorm release was a pretty heavy lift, in terms of back-end enhancements, but now that the dust has mostly settled on that, rolling out additional expansion content should be much easier.

Also, if you have any thoughts/requests related to support for the Expansions, including roll-out order, hit me up.

Otherwise, thanks again for using the Manager!

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