Saturday, May 14, 2016

V1 Change Log: 1.33.578

Another huge release! Most notably, release 1.33.578 implements support for the Dung Beetle Knight expansion and delivers the final set of features for expansion content support. Significantly, this release also updates the "World" panel of the Dashboard and corrects many of the bugs introduced with expansion support.

Thanks to Bizunai, Scott, Steve and everyone who checked in with bugs, ideas and comments after 1.32.546 went live!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Added an access control header to the nginx configs for to prevent cross-domain request errors from showing up in the console as "errors".
  • Added kdm-font-10 support for woff/woff2 (thanks, Font Squirrel!).
  • Fixed a presentation issue at wide resolution where the "Return to Dashboard" button width was incorrect.
  • Fixed a typo/bug that prevented current LY timeline controls from rendering correctly.
  • Corrected "The Watcher" to "Watcher" throughout the app. 
  • Fixed a logic bug where settlements with no active expansions could randomly select expansion-specific Disorders and Fighting Arts from their decks and drop-downs (i.e. via the "random" option).
  • The maroon "alert" div no longer blocks the bottom of the "World" panel on the Dashboard at wide resolutions.
  • Corrected a bug assets.Settlement.modify() that caused the expansion toggle form to toggle all expansions at once.
  • Fixed a bug where Innovation drop-down and Innovation Deck options did not show items for active expansions when only one expansion was enabled.
  • Touched up a handful of Disorders typos and other formatting issues. Added the rest of the "Fear of the Dark" survivor effect description.
  • (Goddamn) "Corprolalia" is (fucking) corrected.
  • Cleaned up the Fighting Arts descriptions to add carriage returns, include bold where appropriate and to use kdm-font-10 for keywords.
  • Corrected a bug where retirement LY was not recorded for survivors who hit 16 Hunt XP and auto-retire.
  • "Rare Gear" and "Unique Items" are no longer classified as "resources" for the purposes of sorting in the Settlement Sheet storage UI.


  • Cleaned up the blog a bit: added tags, touched up the layout, futzed with the colors, etc.
  • Added a custom __repr__ for assets.Survivor to increase DRYness of logging and other admin/representation stuff.
  • Added a min/max query to (for min/max settlement queries).
  • Nemesis Encounter - Watcher may now be added to any timeline LY after 20, regardless of whether it has been added to the Settlement Sheet as a nemesis.
  • Adjusted the genealogy generator to account for errata LY 0: survivors without parents who are "born" in LY 0 and LY1 are now considered "founders".
  • Relatedly, "founders" are no longer listed as having "Undetermined Lineage" (which, while it is technically true, was confusing/misleading to a vocal minority).
  • Genealogy loops have been tightened (10 looks like the magic number) and "founders" no longer default after max loops, which should speed up settlement Event Log page loads for high-population settlements a bit.
  • Finally, "founders" now appear under a separate heading at the foot of the genealogy.
  • Models.Model.render_as_html_dropdown() now evaluates the optional "expansions" kwarg and excludes expansion assets from lists where appropriate (this includes Survivor Sheet and Settlement Sheet, Fighting Arts, Quarries, etc.)
  • Cleaned up the "World" panel on the Dashboard: reorganized some headings, added "max" values for common stats.
  • Improved exception logging for the "World" panel. Exceptions thrown during rendering now go to index.log.
  • The "World" panel of the Dashboard now shows information about settlements currently out hunting monsters.
  • Added a few new Gorm- and DBK-related epithets.
  • Enabling the DBK expansion when creating new settlements automatically adds the "Rumbling in the Dark" story event to LY8 of the timeline.
  • The "Dung Beetle Knight" and "Old Master" quarries are now selectable for any settlement with the expansion enabled.
  • Murder-death-killed the "Resource Decks" feature and deprecated all related code.
  • Replaced the custom code on the "New Settlement" form and Settlement Sheet with html.render_expansion_toggles(), which reads expansion meta-data from
  • Abstracted the expansions toggle block on the Settlement Sheet into a new function: assets.Settlement.render_expansions_block() now handles all of the form creation for expansion toggling on the Settlement Sheet.
  • Color scheme updates for UI normalization, consistency and prettiness: 
    • orange gradients are now closer to brown
    • purple, green and blue gradients are faded/muted
    • the "Return Hunting Party" and "Export to XLS" buttons on the Campaign Summary view are now yellow
    • the floating button for editing the current asset is now yellow
    • all Settlement Sheet control buttons are now yellow
    • the "Strange Resources" inventory color is now a little closer (maybe? maybe not?) the the color of the card back.
    • "Gormery" and "Gormchymst" storage tile colors are now closer to the maroon color on their gear cards.
    • "Basic Resources", "Barber Surgeon", "Leather Worker", "Skinnery", "Unique Items", "Stone Circle" and "Blacksmith" also got color updates for better contrast/legibility/distinction and fidelity with the colors used in the printed materials.
  • Added DBK Innovations to game assets.
  • Refactored the settlement buffs panel on the Campaign Summary view. Endeavors are sorted by Innovation card and Innovation card is listed before Endeavor name (for easier look-up). Fonts, header text and presentation for all buffs normalized and expanded. 
  • Added DBK Fighting Arts and Secret Fighting Art ("Beetle Strength").
  • Added DBK Disorders.
  • Added flavor_text attribute to game_assets.disorders items. Added optional flavor_text display to the Survivor Sheet.
  • Keyed in flavor text for Gorm disorders and core game disorders.
  • Adding the "Fear of the Dark " disorder to a survivor now automatically retires that survivor.
  • Added assets.Survivor.retire() method for returning survivors and logging retirement to the settlement's Event Log.
  • Added Resources and Strange Resources for DBK.
  • Storage UI now supports custom font colors for locations and resource types with dark backgrounds, etc.
  • Added DBK "Wet Resin Crafter" gear, Rare Gear and Black Harvest ("calcified") gear.

Coming Soon

  • Lion God and Lion Knight expansions (probably both at the same time)
  • Graceful failures for duplicative or other impossible hunting party updates. -Scott W
  • Avatar rendering (i.e. GridFS) optimization for faster page loads.
  • Quattrocento!
  • Storage UI Overhaul? Needs to happen soon...

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