Sunday, May 15, 2016

V1 Change Log: 1.33.596

A rare glimpse into the QA and development process. 

Release 1.33.596 is a collection of "day-after" hot-fix type patches and updates targeted at the most problematic usability issues introduced by the last release.

For most of today, there were maybe half a dozen games going at pretty much all times. If you were one of the people who used the Manager today, I would like to extend a.) my thanks and b.) my apologies. Yesterday's release introduced and/or surfaced a ton of issues, and though 1.33.596 will not address all of them, it should get most of them.

Thanks again for using the Manager! Release details are below the break.

Corrections and Fixes

  • "Gorm Weather" is corrected to "Gorm Climate".
  • Modified the mdb query for "Latest hunt activity" on the "World" panel of the Dashboard so that it prefers the most recently updated settlement.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain epithets from showing up in the drop-down.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the "World" panel of the Dashboard from showing up in certain circumstances. -Jeffrey F
  • The gradient background on the Dashboard is horizontal now, so background color should stop changing when the "World" panel expands.
  • Fixed the typos in the "Specialization - Shield", "Propulsion Drive" and "Hoarder" flavor text.
  • The "Rubedo" innovation is now a consequence of "Citrinitas".
  • Fixed the "DBK Errant Badge" issue where it was mistakenly normalized to "Dbk Errant Badge"; applied the same fix to "Finger Of God" (now "Finger of God") and "Eye Of Cat" (now "Eye of Cat").
  • Hunt XP is auto-incremented by four when the "Return Hunting Party" button is used on a Hunting Party containing a savior; same goes for "Heal Survivor" controls (if anyone is still using those).


  • Added "hunt_started" attribute to the settlement to optimize "Latest hunt activity" feature: hunts from a week ago will no longer show up in "World".
  • Changed the window for "current" hunts from 120 minutes to 180 minutes.
  • Revised "World" organization to make more sense. Added "Cause of death" prefixing text to "Latest fatality" block.
  • Added current hunt info to Admin panel.
  • The "Language" innovation is always in the Innovation Deck if it is not included in the settlement's current innovations.
  • Added the "King's Curse" impairments to Abilities/Impairments.
  • Added another handful of core game, Gorm and DBK epithets.
  • Cleaned up the "New Settlement" view in preparation for more "Quick Start" and Expansion options.
  • Deprecated settlement-level kill boards and killed the feature stub for settlement kill boards; added hooks for application-wide kill board with LY and IRL timestamps.

Outstanding Issues

The following items are not fixed in this release, but I am aware of them and will be working on getting them done and pushed into Production ASAFP. Thanks again for your patience! 
  • Gender swap bug.
  • The issues preventing "Hooded Knight" from being auto-applied to the Timeline after the settlement's fifth innovation.
  • Nemesis levels are not "checked off" when settlement nemeses are defeated: not sure what's going on with that (but evidently it's been broken for a while).
  • Tracebacks caused by duplicative or other impossible hunting party updates. -Scott W
  • Avatar rendering (i.e. GridFS) optimization needs to happen.
  • Formatting and presentation normalization for Severe Injury flavor text.

Coming Soon

  • Cursed item controls on the Survivor Sheet.
  • Tally of settlements using expansion content on the "World" panel.
  • Automate brain damage for the hunting party ("event" and "showdown" type damage: the amount of individual brain damage updates during Butcher and Gorm showdowns is too damn high!).
  • "Twin" controls on the New Survivor view.
  • Ability to hide previous Lantern Years in the Settlement Sheet timeline.
  • Lion God and Lion Knight expansions (probably both at the same time)
  • Quattrocento!
  • Storage UI Overhaul? Needs to happen soon...

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