Sunday, June 5, 2016

Change Log: 1.35.646

1.35.646 is a long overdue house-keeping release intended to make it easier for me to develop and test new features in an environment that mirrors production.

June is going to be another slow month for development, due to travel and other impediments, but hit the jump break and check out the "Coming Soon" section for a sneak peek at the new features that I am currently developing. Most of what's there will be released this month.

Finally, I'm still looking for an iOS advocate. If you use kdm-manager on an iOS device and you want to help out, hit me up.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fiddled the tokens for the "Great Golden Cat", "King's Man", "White Lion" and"Lion Knight" monsters to eliminate some false positives artificially inflating the numbers on the "World" kill board (and to preemptively disambiguate against monsters belonging to future expansions).


  • Moved my development environment from my OSX daily driver to a physical Ubuntu server in my office.
  • Rewrote the install file ("00_readme") to cover "bare metal" Ubuntu installs and setting up kdm-manager as the primary/default webapp on the server (prepping for github release).
  • Created default and production nginx configs and added them to the project repo.
  • Added .gitignore to the project root (prepping for github release).
  • Created get_user CGI to retrieve user data via CLI or browser.
  • Added "mona" to the list of dev hosts; updated admin.initialize() rules; added the admin_key param to settings.cfg for use with get_user.

Coming Soon

  • Lion God (assets are ready to go: the big guy will be included in the next release).
  • "World" kill board improvements (corrected counts, better stats).
  • Better timeline updates when adding/removing expansion content.
  • Cursed Item controls on the Survivor Sheet.
  • "Keep me logged in" box on the login form.
  • "Event Brain Damage" button on Hunting Party controls.
  • Graceful failures for bad Hunting Party operations.
  • Increment/decrement buttons at wide resolution.
  • Quattrocento!


  1. With the github release, will this be available for collaboration? I have been using kdm-manager for quite some time and have the dragon king expansion. I've been kinda winging it with adding my own custom items and stuff, but I'd like to have full support.

    1. I've got a handful of major revisions I need to make before the github thing happens.

      Long story short, I was planning on doing it a few major releases ago, but then the expansions happened, and I ended up having to rip up a lot of plumbing and, as a result, it's kind of a nightmare behind the scenes right now.

      At any rate, as the comments above indicate, I'm back on track to do the github thing soon.

      Since you asked (and since a bunch of people have emailed about the Dragon King), I'll move it up in the priorities list and try to get it up there ASAP.

      I just got back from being out of town, and the next major release (with the Lion God and a slew of important back-end revisions) needs to go out before I can work on github, so look for the github thing to happen in the next couple of weeks.

      In the meantime, if you've got any specific ideas or criticisms, email me directly:

      Thanks for using the Manager!

    2. GitHub project is here: