Thursday, June 16, 2016

Change Log: 1.36.670

New logo!

Major release 1.36.670 includes a new logo, a general presentation overhaul and a handful of new usability features, including the much-needed "Brain Event Damage" Hunting Party control.

Support for the Lion God is available in this release. Support for more expansions will continue to roll out gradually.

This release also pushes a good amount of back-end refactoring related to the upcoming GitHub release.

Corrections and Fixes

  • Abilities and Impairments associated with expansion content no long appear in the Abilities and Impairments drop-down if the associated expansion content is not enabled.
  • GitHub: added 'egg_cache' to the settings file and refactored the init script to use it during application server startup (i.e. instead of using /tmp/).
  • GitHub: fixed the toggle_server() function of the init script to indicate which operation it is going to attempt when called.
  • Added "Arm of the First Tree" (Beta Challenge Scenarios item) to the list of mixed-capitalization item names.
  • Corrected a name-spacing cock-up where certain methods within imported Should improve load times a bit.
  • Changed the default user preference for listing things from comma-delimited to bulleted.
  • Asset tag links for dead survivors are now grey (instead of dark green) on both the Dashboard and in the settlement survivor lists.
  • assets.Settlement.get_players() now returns an empty list when a settlement has no survivors (no survivors == no players).


  • Added "Brain Event Damage" increment button to Hunting Party controls.
  • Keyed in Lion God assets, i.e. Fighting Arts, Disorders, Innovation, Gear and Strange Resources.
  • Added "Beta Challenge Scenarios" to the list of expansion content.
  • Rare Gear associated with the Beta Challenge Scenarios no longer appears in the Rare Gear drop-down unless the "Beta Challenge Scenarios" expansion content is enabled.
  • Github: updated 00_install with instructions for how to use update-rc.d with the init script.
  • Refactored the sign-in view at narrow and wide resolutions. Fiddled login error dialogues and other related presentation elements.
  • Finished up the tree logo: added it to the sign-in view and the Dashboard. Vertical scrollbar is now forced on the dashboard to prevent auto-size presentation issues at wide resolution. I also fiddled the gradient again to minimize weird auto-size artifacts.
  • Implemented Quattrocento (it's the default font now) and refactored a handful of presentation elements to accommodate it.
  • Added "Stay logged in" checkbox to sign-in view and create new user view.
  • Removing an expansion from a settlement removes related events from the settlement timeline if those events have not already occurred (i.e. are scheduled for LY's subsequent to the settlement's current LY).
  • Moved expansion content timeline updates to and removed expansion timeline content from
  • Deprecated the "new_settlement" kwarg from the assets.add_expansion func.
  • Refactored Hunting Party control layout.
  • assets.modify_hunting_party now initializes the Survivor object, rather than just operating on the MDB info for the survivor.
  • Added get_settlements() method to assets.Settlement.
  • Improved admin panel user summaries. The admin panel now has access to the admin user's session and can initialize assets the correct way.

Coming Soon

  • GitHub release.
  • Dashboard "World" panel kill board improvements (corrected counts, better stats).
  • Graceful failures for bogus Hunting Party operations.
  • Full compliment of increment/decrement "paddle" buttons at wide resolution.
  • Clicking on a Survivor picture will allow you to change it.
  • Aesthetic updates to the blog (so that it looks more like the Manager).
  • Cursed item controls on the Survivor Sheet


  1. Tim, my group loves your manager. Thanks for doing this and thanks for keeping up with it. We appreciate it.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for using it!

      If you all think of any ideas for features/functionality or if you see anything that looks weird/wrong/broken, please hit me up: I always prioritize those kinds of fixes/improvements above the stuff I want to do.

      Thanks again!