Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Change Log: 1.36.687

In honor of today's pinup sale: the Cork-saker.
This tiny release cleans up a number of long-standing presentation and optimization issues. As usual, I've got a handful of fixes for the last big feature release going out in this one. Release 1.36.687 also attempts to address some SEO feedback I recently received.

The GitHub release is still high on the priority list: I dusted off my account today and started working my way through their modern tutorials (which are hella slick, compared to what was there seven years ago).

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in world.expansion_popularity_contest() that prevented lines from sorting.
  • Toned down the gradient blue colors for the "World" panel on the Dashboard to match the other colors in the new scheme.
  • Fixed a presentation issue on the Survivor Sheet where the word "Insanity" failed to display under the Brain hit box at wide resolution. I also touched up the space between the Brain hit box and the nav bar. -AP
  • Number field tumblers are now hidden in Safari and other browsers at wide resolution (i.e. so as not to duplicate the increment/decrement paddles). -AP
  • Fixed some typos in the "King's Step" fighting art.
  • Found some print debug log spammers in and left over from the last release (and removed them).
  • Fixed an order of operations bug in that prevented user export operations from being logged. -AP
  • Removed the JSON export option from the Dashboard "System" panel. No one ever used it and, if any of your settlements have avatar images, it throws a nasty traceback trying to coerce the images to UTF-8. I might get back to it in the future, but for now, the feature is deadsville.


  • SEO: added the latest update date (from this blog) to the sign-in view (i.e. the "home" or "index" page).
  • "Remove Epithet" controls are no longer shown on the Survivor Sheet if the survivor has no epithets.
  • The "Tap an item to remove it once" text no longer appears on the storage controls of settlements with no items in storage. -AP
  • SEO: updated the page title to include the "interactive campaign manager" bit.
  • GitHub: Moved the 00_readme file to and put it in the root of the project. Added some additional dependencies (dateutil.parse, etc.) and touched up the instructions.
  • Added a __repr__ method to assets.User and improved the logging around exporting data: there's a debug line that announces the dump_type now, and the new User.__repr__ info is used throughout.
  • Added average settlement age to the Dashboard "World" panel.
  • The settlement average calculator in now only considers settlements whose LY is 1 or greater (trying to filter out drive-bys).
  • Created world.latest_kill() to and added latest kill info to the Dashboard "World" panel. I also did a little bit of organization/cleanup while I was poking around.

Coming Soon

  • GitHub release.
  • Graceful failures for bogus Hunting Party operations.
  • Full compliment of increment/decrement "paddle" buttons at wide resolution.
  • Clicking on a Survivor picture will allow you to change it.
  • Cursed item controls on the Survivor Sheet.
  • Sunstalker and/or Flower Knight expansion content.

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