Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Major Release Coming this Week!

Coming Soon!
The Manager is about to receive a major overhaul with the next release: get ready!

Teaser details after the jump.

First and most noticeably, the new logo (above) will roll out in the upcoming release as part of a general presentation overhaul.

Along with a handful of usability improvements, including Hunting Party brain damage controls and a "keep me logged in" checkbox on the sign-in view, the release will include Lion God expansion support.

As far as expansions go, the current plan is to add support for the Flower Knight and the Sunstalker after that.

Finally, my goals for July include publishing the Manager's source code to GitHub, so the upcoming release cleans up a lot of the back-end kludges and hacks that went into place during initial the roll-out of expansion support as well as the install/sysadmin helper scripts and documentation.

Look for the release before the end of this current week.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

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