Friday, June 17, 2016

User Stats and Patterns

Google Analytics stats since January 2016.

I recently received some questions about usage trends.

Specifically, I had a couple of people ask me about which browsers and operating systems people typically use to access the Manager (and, in one case, why I don't have better iOS/Android support).

Since I use a combination of Google Analytics to track and monitor that sort of information, I can give fairly specific answers to those types of questions.

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Sessions between Jan 1st and June 17th, 2016.
The Manager's busiest day yet was Wednesday, June 6th of this year.

We had a couple of busy days in December, i.e. right when the Manager was first announced on /r/KingdomDeath, but they were not quite as busy as the day two weeks ago when we had 203 sessions in a single day.

Traffic and Session Length

According to Google Analytics, users of the Manager participate in about 1200 sessions a month.

I checked the logs and about 155 users logged in during the month of May. So far in June, 58 users have logged in.

As the screen capture above shows, average session time is about 25 minutes, but that average includes the power users as well as the drive-by, "try it out" users.

As I am writing this, there are two power users using the Manager right now whose sessions have gone on for 197 and 406 minutes, respectively. By contrast, when I check the logs, I see that the last few drive-by users created sessions that lasted five or fewer minutes.

All of which is to say that the 25 minute average session length is a result of both types of usage.

Browser and OS

The following screen captures from Google Analytics show "top ten" lists for browser and OS between January 1st and June 17th (2016), and I think they tell a nearly complete story:

Additionally, I keep a running tally of the most commonly used Operating Systems, according to the most recent user sessions.

As of today, here is how the "top five" list looks. The number following the OS is how many sessions have been created by that OS:
  1. Windows 7  --> 219
  2. Windows 10  --> 186
  3. Windows 8.1  --> 58
  4. Android 5.1.1  --> 45
  5. Android 6.0.1  --> 22
So, in a nutshell, Chrome/Windows 7 is the number one browser/OS combination.

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