Sunday, July 17, 2016

Change Log: 1.40.762

Feed me, Seymour!
This release is mostly quick touch-ups for the l.40.743 release.

(The items listed in this change log did not all go into production with this release: if you've been using the manager since 07/05 when 1.40.743 went out, you've probably seen some of this stuff trickle out to production as monkey patches.)

As I mentioned in the 1.40.743 release notes, my next big goal is the GitHub release. Keep an eye on this space for updates: I figure I should have some news about that by mid/late August.

As far as expansion support goes, Flower Knight, Lonely Tree and Spidicules will probably come next (but not until after the GitHub release).

Thanks again for using the manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed typos in the "Purpose" Fighting Art.
  • Updated the flavor text for the "Graves" Innovation to have pretty HTML formatting and to use KDM-font 10 Endeavor icons in place of the word "Endeavor".
  • Fixed a presentation issue where Survivor Sheet avatars blocked the "Overcharge" Survival Action text at wide resolution.
  • Added "Scrap Scavenge" endeavor info to "Weapon Crafter" location; added "Augury" endeavor info "Organ Grinder" location.
  • Fixed the formatting on the settlement buff flavor text for the "Graves" principle/innovation.
  • Removed "Promise Under the Sun" from the People of the Sun timeline. -Rakuall
  • Fixed a bug where removing a survivor's partner (rather than marking them dead) caused tracebacks when attempting to view the Survivor Sheet for the non-removed survivor.
  • Fixed a bug where expansion content could be duplicated on the settlement record. 


  • Added a handful of new epithets inspired by Sunstalker story/settlement events.
  • Added "Reflection" and "Refraction" abilities to Abilities and Impairments options for the Sunstalker expansion; styled UL elements for wide resolution use on the Survivor Sheet.
  • Spent some time refactoring session.process_params() to be a little DRYer and a little more specific re: user actions and logging
  • Overhauled presentation of recent user info on the admin panel.
  • Sunstalker expansion content can now be enabled during new settlement creation (regardless of campaign selection).
  • Added the LY of the kill to the latest kill info (on the Dashboard "World" panel).
  • Returning Survivors are now indicated on the Campaign Summary view by a red corner ribbon.
  • Created assets.Settlement.get_timeline_events() method for lazier timeline queries.
  • Using the "Return Hunting Party" button on the Campaign Summary no longer adds duplicate quarries to the timeline.
  • Created assets.Survivor.update_epithets() and refactored assets.Survivor.modify() to replace existing logic with calls to the new func.
  • Toggling campaign-specific attribs ("Purified", "Sun Eater", "Child of the Sun") now automatically updates the survivor's epithets. 
  • Toggling certain Abilities and Impairments also automatically updates the survivor's epithets.


  • GitHub release.
  • Investigate random disorder bug.
  • Update death records when dead survivors' CODs are updated?
  • Graceful failures for bogus Hunting Party operations
  • Full compliment of increment/decrement "paddle" buttons at wide resolution.
  • Clicking on a Survivor picture will allow you to change it.
  • Cursed item controls on the Survivor Sheet?
  • Survivor hit locations as a modal/pop-up window?
  • Expansion-specific epithets
  • Preference to hide epithet controls?

Behind the scenes! Work in progress on the Eye Patch P&P sheet.


  1. Any plan to add the people of the stars campaign?

    1. I do plan to add as much expansion content as I can get my hands on, but on the one I haven't been able to scoop up has been the Dragon King.

      A few people have emailed me about this and one proposed work-around was to finish making the Manager available on GitHub.

      Once the general source code for the whole Manager is available, someone who has the expansion could work on adding Dragon King support and I could merge those changes back into the production build, etc.

      At any rate, I had to take some time off of supporting the Manager during July for work and other things, but I plan to get back to work later this month: my top two priorities are finishing the GitHub piece and adding support for the remaining expansion content.

      Thanks for using the Manager!