Friday, July 1, 2016

Major Release Coming this Weekend!

Coming Soon!

At some point in the next day or two, I am going to publish another major release of

The scope of the upcoming release is larger than usual, with respect to the modules it touches, the UI/UX changes it makes and the new features it introduces.

Whereas most of my feature releases push a single feature and its related assets and updates, the upcoming release pushes three totally new features as well as a major back-end re-architecting to facilitate multiple campaigns.

Hit the jump for some summary/teaser bullets about what is going to happen in the next release.

Otherwise, if you end up playing any KD:M and using the Manager after the release goes out, hit me up via email or in the release comments with any bugs/issues/problems (because when this release drops, I am sure there will be more than a few).

Here's a quick list of items that are going out:
  • Full Beta Challenge Scenarios support.
  • Support for alternate campaigns.
  • Sunstalker expansion and "People of the Sun" campaign support.
  • Unique Sunstalker campaign feature functionality including Settlement locations with levels, special rules (e.g. "Extreme Heat", etc.) and custom principle/milestone/asset lists.
  • Major back-end overhauls of both the Settlement management and game asset list-creation and management logic.
  • Refactoring and updates of the Campaign Summary view as well as the Settlement Sheet Timeline controls and presentation. 
  • Additional controls on the Survivor Sheet for "Partnership" and campaign-specific attributes.
  • Improved Milestone, Principle and Timeline automation.
  • More than 20 bug fixes and corrections.

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