Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Change Log: 1.41.779

As of this release, the production instance of the Manager points at the GitHub repository.

Due to poor planning on my part, this is a non-trivial shake-up on the deployment side, so bear with me while I work through whatever issues arise as a result of the cut-over.

The Lonely Lady would like to personally apologize in
advance for the inevitable migration bugs heading your way. 
In other news, support for the Lonely Tree expansion is now live! Rather than trying to program around the infamous fruit typo, I chose to key in the Strange Resource cards as they are printed, so be mindful of that.

(And feel free to hit me up on the GitHub Issues or in the comments below if you can think of a better solution.)

This release also addresses a number of issues related to monster controls: the Hunting Party and Timeline controls for picking quarries and nemeses have been completely redone on the back-end

Finally, the "Backlog" heading, where I usually write a few bullet points about what's next for the Manager, will no longer be a feature of these change updates. To see what's coming down the pipe, in terms of features and fixes, please use the GitHub Issues tool.

As usual, hit the jump break for complete info on this release.

And thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in assets.Settlement.get_timeline_events() that caused tracebacks when the event_type kwarg wasn't present in the LY dict.
  • Fixed some presentation issues affecting Returning Survivor corner ribbons at narrow width.
  • Removed deprecated "nickname" attribute from Lion Knight expansion.
  • Removed deprecated icon URLs for story event and quarry from assets.get_timeline() 
  • Fixed a bug in where blog posts without labels could cause the app to throw tracebacks while loading the dashboard.


  • Imported project into GitHub
  • Cleaned up the file for clarity and prettiness
  • Fixed the log spam re: preserved sessions.
  • Added Lonely Tree content including:
    • "The Lonely Lady" story event
    • Five Strange Resources
    • Four "Nightmare" abilities
  • Created assets.get_nemeses() method for better nemesis lists (i.e. the the ability to apply biz logic to nemesis list creation).
  • Added support in models.render_html_dropdown() for assets to self-exclude from drop-down lists using the "exclude_from_picker" attrib. The Lonely Tree nemesis does this.
  • Added support for "always_available_quarry" and "always_available_nemesis" attributes to expansion dictionaries and built support for those attribs into assets.get_quarries() and assets.get_nemeses(). Lonely Tree has always_available_nemesis=True.
  • Revised assets.get_expansions() to support "return_type" kwarg; added a dictionary-style return to the method for lazier expansion dict processing.
  • Refactored nemesis picker controls for the Settlement timeline.
  • Rewrote models.defeatedMonstersModel.build_asset_deck() to eschew custom code and to use assets.get_nemeses() and assets.get_quarries() in its place.
  • Created settings_private.cfg and moved the admin key and the SMTP info there. Updated the for GitHub users, etc. Refactored to use settings_private.cfg when doing SMTP connections for password resets.
  • Added support for Unix-style params to; implemented a switch for "interactive" initiation and port-forcing (e.g. for dev purposes)
  • Added links to the GitHub Issues view to 500 error HTML and the "System" panel.

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