Friday, August 12, 2016

Source Code now on GitHub!

After almost a month of downtime and radio silence, I am back with a few important announcements to make.

First and foremost, I have new details about the GitHub release of the source code for the Manager.

Relatedly, switching over from my local repo to the GitHub repo for the manager will require a production downtime, and I've also got some details about that.

Finally, I've got the next few Expansions queued up and ready to roll out and I've got some details about that, as well as support for future expansion content.

Hit the break for complete info!


Source code for is now available on GitHub!

The project home page is here:

Starting with the next release, I am going to attempt to track issues and feature requests using the "Issues" feature of GitHub.

So, effective immediately, if you have any bugs or issues to report, please use the Issues page for the manager on GitHub.


The next major release of the manager will change the way that the production web app environment works.

In order to make this change, I will have to take the Manager down for at least a half an hour or so (probably longer) and swap out the old deployment for a new one that uses the GitHub repo as its master.

When I am ready to do this, I will post an announcement here. I will also use the notification system within the Manager (the red bar on the bottom) to post a message at least an hour or two before the downtime begins.

If you have concerns/questions about that, hit me up in the comments or via email.

Expansion Content

Since the last major release in July (the one that pushed multiple campaign support), I have received a number of questions about expansion content.

The main question I get is about when support for the sold-out Dragon King expansion (and the People of the Stars alternate campaign) will be available in the Manager.

The short answer is that as soon as the Dragon King is reprinted (according to Poots, the Dragon King "will be first up for a reprint", but there is currently no specific date/timeline) and as soon as I can get my hands on one, I will add support for it to the manager. 

In terms of other expansions, the basic plan is to roll out support for the Lonely Tree, the Flower Knight, Spidicules and the Slenderman starting in middle August and probably wrapping up in early September.

(I'm not 100% on the order yet, but those four are definitely next on the agenda. As usual, I am open to suggestions/requests: use the GitHub issues log or the comments here to let me know your thoughts.)

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