Sunday, September 4, 2016

Change Log: 1.41.795

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Release 1.41.795 is the first release on the Google Cloud Platform. The release features a substantial
refactor of how the Manager is deployed and also pushes support for the so-called "White Box" pseudo-expansion promo/one-off items into production.

The next major milestone is the Flower Knight release, and, even given all the unplanned work associated with the migration from Linode to Google, that milestone release is still tentatively scheduled for 09/10.

1.41.795 includes some of the items in that milestone (about half of them), so the actual milestone release should be a relatively small (i.e. content only) and painless release.

As far as the continued roll-out of expansion coverage goes, after the Flower Knight goes out I am going to take a break from those for a release or two while I work on tablet resolution.

(That said, as of August 18th, I've got a Dragon King on the way from the EU, so as soon as that arrives, I'm going to prioritize it up to the top of the stack and set an ASAP milestone date for releasing Dragon King support.)

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Creating a Sunstalker campaign ("People of the Sun") or enabling Sunstalker content no longer automatically adds the "Promise Under the Sun" event to LY8 of "People of the Sun" campaigns. -PH
  • Settlements whose name is "Unknown" or "Test" no longer appear in on the "World" panel of the Dashboard under the current hunt/latest kill headings.
  • Fixed the RANDOM_DISORDER bug where a random disorder from a random expansion (mostly Lion Knight, weirdly and for reasons I don't understand) would sometimes be chosen.
  • Fixed a wide resolution presentation issue where survivor avatars blocked some of their "bonuses" information.
  • Fixed a presentation issue where survivor avatars covered survival action or survivor bonuses text at wide resolution.
  • Removed the ^/change_log and ^/favicon.ico redirects from both nginx config files.
  • Refactored, init_script and settings.cfg to support automatic home, application CWD and python PYTHON_EGG_CACHE directories. Check the GitHub wiki article on ~/.python_eggs for more info on the latest/greatest ideas re: that whole situation.
  • Addressed an issue that can occur during volatile network conditions where trying to load the latest blog post info can cause a network error and raise an exception. Such exceptions are simply swallowed now (which is not ideal, but I don't think we need a lot of graceful back-off on that kind of stuff).


  • Added a script that returns the current favicon.ico from the root, sort of the way we do style.css, i.e. by reading for a path and then running a script to render it as HTTP, etc.
  • Added "White Box" pseudo-expansion to collect GenCon 2015 and 2016 assets released as a single box in August 2016:
    • Three new gear locations: "Gear Recipe", "Ivory Carver" and "Promo"
    • Five "Rare Gear" gear cards
    • Four "Gear Recipe" gear cards
    • One "Ivory Carver" gear cards
    • Four Promo (gear) cards
    • Re-categorized "Vibrant Lantern" and "Dying Lantern" as "Promo" (rather than "Rare Gear").
    • One Secret Fighting Art
  • Refactored assets.Survivor.get_epithets() to support "survivor_sheet_controls" as a return_type kwarg value. Moved supporting HTML from to and consolidated additional epithet HTML from html.Survivor.form to html.survivor.epithet_controls
  • Added "show_epithet_controls" to settings.cfg preferences and 
  • Updated the confirmation warning for removing a settlement to mention that settlements should be abandoned instead. -nstillman
  • Added a private build_asset_deck() method to models.disordersModel(). Updated assets.Survivor.add_game_asset() to use it when handling the RANDOM_DISORDER pseudo-asset.
  • Adding and removing expansion content debug logging now includes the user info of the user who added/removed (troubleshooting).
  • Admin panel uses the latest fatality info (including picture) rather than a custom query that is manually formatted with inline HTML (yuck).
  • The server can no longer be started as root. 
  • Added support for "downtime" and "production" run mode arguments to init_script
  • Built downtime HTML

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