Thursday, September 15, 2016

Change Log: 1.41.854

1.41.854 is a "housekeeping" type of release meant to correct the bugs introduced in 1.41.837 and to handle some emerging/urgent/recently-introduced presentation and functionality issues.

There isn't a ton of new functionality in this one, but "The Bloom People" campaign will work a lot better now, and the automation of the Survivor Sheet re: Survival Actions and injuries/imparments that prevent Survival Actions, which broke a few releases back, has been restored, so that's pretty good.

Otherwise, work continues on the Tablet Resolution milestone, which I...probably will not be able to release this weekend, if I'm honest. Work on that milestone seems like it's going to push into the next week.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Addressed a GridFS bug that prevented the Dashboard "World" panel from rendering.
  • Addressed an issue with the world.latest_fatality() refactor that broke the latest fatality HTML render on the admin panel.
  • Fixed a problem where user averages for avatars could not be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug in get_user where it looks at the wrong settings file for the admin key.
  • Addressed a couple of presentation issues around avatars:
    • The gap, at wide resolution, between latest fatality and latest survivor (on the Dashboard "World" panel) has gone away
    • The unseemly vertical stretching of avatars on the Survivor Sheet should also be fixed.
  • Fixed a recently introduced bug where severe injuries that disable Survival Actions (e.g. "Shattered jaw" and "Encourage") were failing to un-highlight their corresponding Survival Actions on the Survivor Sheet.
  • The Settlement Sheet now enforces a minimum value of 0 on Lost Settlements.
  • When a survivor gains Katana mastery (Sunstalker expansion), it no longer goes into the settlement's innovations; other survivors do not automatically acquire the specialization.
  • Text wraps more nicely in the "World" panel now, e.g. when a fatality has a lot of epithets, etc.


  • User averages (for survivors, settlements, avatars) are now floats.
  • Added "Sleeping Virus Flower" to Abilities and Impairments (as a curse).
  • Added a few Flower Knight-related epithets.
  • Added "Lovelorn Rock" to core game Abilities and Impairments (as an impairment, obvi).
  • Removing settlements marks them with the "removed" attrib, allowing them to remain in the mdb (but making them invisible to users). Ditto survivors.
  • "World" panel now indicates the average number of fighting arts per living survivor.

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