Friday, September 16, 2016

Change Log: 1.42.856

1.42.856 is a quickie release that pushes a single feature: data warehousing for the Dashboard's "World" panel.

Long story short, in the aftermath of the last few releases, page load times on the Dashboard, i.e. the first screen everyone sees when they log in, became super long. Over the last few days, I clocked average load times of several seconds (in the pro biz, a single second is already too long), and mostly, the lag was due to the amount of information we are now gathering to populate the plethora of new stats and averages that have become available in the last few releases.

In order to solve for this, I implemented some rudimentary data warehousing using the file system (like a sucker): I'll probably refactor that to use the db at some point, once I get a better idea of how I want it to work. This implementation is very much a first draft.

At any rate, the point of this release is to solve that major usability issue before the weekend (which is typically the Manager's busy time). Warehousing is functional and it's going out now.

There are no detailed notes for this release.

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