Thursday, September 29, 2016

Front-end Developers Wanted for "Version Two" Overhaul Project

Design mock-up by Logan Ogden.

My original Version Two partner in crime and I just posted a "help wanted" of sorts on /r/kingdomdeath: go check it out.

Long story short, we're making another run at building an interdisciplinary team to start working on a Version Two project for

The big idea behind the project, which is code-named "The Watcher", is to implement a responsive webapp that does more than just function as an interactive campaign manager, but that actually guides and streamlines multiplayer play.

In terms of implementation, the general plan is to leverage the existing kdm-manager back end and business logic framework, fully decoupling the presentation from the back-of-house logic, which means that we're not presently committed to any particular presentation methodology/framework/theories.

tl;dr If you're a front-end developer and you're interested in working for free on a KD:M fan project, give us a holler: we can definitely use you.

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