Sunday, September 4, 2016 is Moving to Google Cloud Platform

It has become clear to me that Linode is not a high availability service provider.

The production instance of presently lives in the Atlanta Linode data center and, between this year's two major outages alone, that data center alone has logged something like three or four days worth of downtime.

In this day and age, that is an unacceptable figure.

I wrote during the January Linode outage that I was going to do some things to build some redundancy into the Manager, but none of the steps I took did much to soften the impact of this current outage. Consequently, I am redeploying production on a Google Cloud instance.

(I will still be a Linode customer and use my Linode VPS for other projects, but, in the interest of higher availability, the Manager is moving to Google Cloud. I love Linode for what they do...but what they do isn't really what I'm trying to do here, if you follow my meaning.)

I am currently working on deploying the Manager in the Google Cloud.

When that new deployment looks like it's ready to go, I will put the current production deployment into maintenance mode (you'll see a static web page information you that maintenance is happening) and start the migration. The production Manager uses a little under 10GB of storage and, once that migrates over, I'll switch DNS and we will start cutting over to the new instance.

I will post an update before the downtime begins.

Thanks for using the Manager!

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