Saturday, September 10, 2016

Milestone Release Tomorrow!

Just what we need! A Druish Princess!
The Flower Knight milestone is nearly finished and, assuming I wrap it up and have some time to QA it tomorrow, it will go out tomorrow afternoon.

As promised, the milestone will correspond with a production release that will add full support for the Flower Knight expansion and its alternate campaign ("The Bloom People").

The biggest news from the usability/UX side of the house, is that tomorrow's milestone release will (finally) implement support for permanent survivor affinities.

(On a related note, a couple of things will change about the way that Saviors are created and how they look/work in the Manager after creation. Also, some of the bogus "Abilities and Impairments" used to track permanent affinity adjustments will also go away in the release. Bottom line, affinity management will be a lot less messy after tomorrow.)

Finally, a few long-standing bugs are going away with tomorrow's release and a couple of non-trivial performance/output improvements are going out, so, all things considered, tomorrow's release is going to be a pretty big deal!

Thanks for using the Manager!

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