Friday, September 30, 2016

Change Log: 2.0.1

Version Two lives again!

The GitHub repo now features a "v2" folder containing the basics/fundamentals of the new version two design: a Flask webserver/app and an Angjular JS javascript app that share a single settings.cfg file (thanks to some crafty flask request routing).

From here, the job is to get the new front-end guys who we're talking to about the project situated and comfortable with the stack and then to start porting the existing backend/business-logic code from Version One of the Manager over to a Flask-powered API so that I can handle requests from the front-end.

Also, in unrelated news, the next milestone release for V1 is due out tomorrow and I am presently about two or three views shy of having a fully functional "Tablet" breakpoint, so it seems like I will be able to get that release done in time.

Lots of action!

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