Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Change Log: 1.43.887

1.43.887 is a milestone release!

The biggest item in the Tablet Resolution milestone release is support for a new CSS breakpoint intended to improve usability for tablets. As far as the Manager is concerned, a "tablet" is a device whose display has a min-width of 700px at 3dppx but who comes in at less than 1050px min-width.

(1050px min-width is where the Manager treats you like a desktop/wide resolution device: anything beyond that and you're wide res.)

In terms of features and usability improvements, this release also adds a few new user-inspired features and dashboard queries. The "People of the Skull" campaign from the core rules is now an option when creating a new settlement and the "World" panel on the Dashboard now lists the most popular survivor names, etc.

As far as general usability and optimization goes, 1.43.887 refactors the Dashboard quite a bit, separating the "About" type information from the "System" panel and placing that info in a new panel. The "System" panel has also been refactored and preferences are now organized according to type, which has been a long time coming.

In addition to the usual presentation and bug fixes, long-time users of the Manager will be pleased to hear that I finally nailed down the random disorder bug (where an ineligible, otherwise non-selectable disorder could sometimes be applied to a survivor), so that pulls an annoying little thorn from everyone's paw.

Finally, the next major milestone is a refactor of the Survivor Sheet. I was originally targeting late October for that, but given the V2 project and other projects competing for my attention right now, it's looking more like late November or early December.

Depending on how things go with V2, I am considering suspending feature development on V1 again (sort of like I did last time we worked on the V2 project). If that happens, I will continue to add expansion support until I've got coverage for everything.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Created assets.Settlement.render_admin_panel_html() method in and removed the HTML rendering for settlement summaries from admin.panel()
  • Fixed a bug where forbidden disorders could be added to survivors when using the "Random Disorder" option.
  • Corrected the presentation issue affecting the mobile-width sign-in view where the logo obscured the fields/text when the keyboard came up (by removing the logo).
  • Replaced "Hunting Party" labeling with "Departing Survivors" in the Campaign Summary view.
  • Fixed an XLS export bug where survivor names longer than 30 characters caused a traceback on export.
  • Removing a survivor now automatically decrements settlement population.
  • Fixed a bug where the settlement log event for removing a survivor had an incomplete/broken message.
  • Addressed a presentation issue affecting mobile resolution where modal controls (Settlement Storage, Departing Survivors, etc.) sometimes displayed odd behavior when scrolling, e.g. blocking or otherwise failing to display the bottom of the menu.
  • Deprecated the insanity font hack from assets.Survivor.render_html_form().
  • Addressed the presentation issue where the horizontal rule elements used at wide resolution to break up the Settlement Sheet were a pixel or two too long on the left side. 
  • Corrected an issue affecting the Settlement Sheet where the last item in the "Milestone Story Event" section would appear below the box. 
  • Fixed a presentation issue where nemesis boxes could sometimes overflow and stretch beyond the box at wide resolution.
  • Fixed an order-of-operations bug where the current LY's button on the Settlement Sheet was not showing up as green.
Responsive Design: behind the scenes.


  • Started adding hooks for Angular.JS support: going forward, I'm going to start to refactor the various/sundry scripting to leverage Angular.JS.
  • Set the meta-var "theme" to be black (for Mobile Chrome, et al. who support it).
  • Added warehouse data summary to the admin panel; refactored the existing panel stuff (a bit) to use warehouse data.
  • Added a campaign popularity contest to the warehouse and the "World" panel of the Dashboard.
  • User preferences (Dashboard -> "System") are now organized by type into a number of groups for better usability.
  • There is a new "About" panel at the bottom of the Dashboard, and all of the "about" type info from System has been moved to it. The two sets of content are now totally separate.
  • Totally refactored the presentation of "about" information and included a link to the dev wiki.
  • Added a preference that controls how many LYs are visible on the Timeline controls. -D Tolin
  • Added "born on" date to the About panel.
  • Wrote new media queries for "tablet" resolution and "desktop" (i.e. wide/catch-all) resolution.
    • Designed a tablet resolution view of the dashboard; refactored Dashboard presentation at all breakpoints and normalized clickable/accordion presentation (fixing some long-standing presentation annoyances)
    • Designed a tablet res view of the sign-in view and normalized the other two breakpoints around it.
    • Refactored the presentation of the "new settlement" view for tablet and generally. The Settlement name has better formatting (maybe this helps reduce the number of "Unknown" settlements that we get every day) and the text has been punched up a bit.
    • Refactored the campaign summary view:
      • Designed a new view style for tablet resolution
      • The export (e.g. XLS) controls are only available at desktop resolution
      • Moved Departing Survivor (formerly Hunting Party) controls to a modal panel
      • Refactored Departing Survivor controls for mobile resolution
    • Refactored the Survivor Sheet:
      • Added some angular.js magic to the Insanity shield, so it should change to and from the maroon color as it is adjusted up to and back down from three.
      • Toggles for skipping next hunt, etc. are now more...button-ish and have better visibility/contrast at all breakpoints.
      • Added increment/decrement paddles for hit boxes at wide resolution
    • Designed a tabled resolution view of the Settlement Sheet:
      • Redid timeline controls to include a Material Design color scheme
      • Created a "collapsing" block_group-type div for use with Timeline controls
  • Added the "People of the Skull" alternate campaign to the list of available campaigns and keyed it in to
  • Added support to assets.Settlement.get_special_rules() for campaign-level special rules.
  • Added a world.top_names() method using group mdb queries and some old-time lambda dict-sorting to get top five lists for survivors and settlements. Added HTML output of that to the Dashboard "World" panel for both collections.
  • Beefed up export logging to confirm that the export completed successfully (should help capture more of those subtle export bugs, such as the 31 character tab-name limit bug above, etc.).
  • Added a the ability to to manually remove a key from a survivor's record (via the admin.update_survivor() method).
  • Created assets.Settlement.increment_population() to arbitrarily modify settlement population and save.

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