Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fade Gallery

The change log for 1.43.887 featured a picture of my painted Fade mini.

I recently picked up a macro lens, and while trying to teach myself how to use it, I ended up taking a bunch of interesting shots of the model that I didn't pose in the change log.

Rather than letting them die on the cutting room floor, however, I decided to create a gallery of them.

Obviously this is a off-topic for this blog (which is neither a painting blog nor a photography blog) and I am not putting either the paint job or the photography out there as especially good examples of either, but these shots made me happy, so I wanted to share.

(You know, in the spirit of the hobby and social media and all that.)

At any rate, for more Fade shots, hit the Jump. Otherwise, we'll be back to business as usual in the next update.

The camera is a Sony NEX-6 and the macro lens is a SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5.

Thanks for looking!

This one captures the whole model nicely, but there was too much focus on the hilt of
the Silent Sword, so I ended up 86'ing it.
I almost went with this one as my final, but the blur on the face of the model was a little
more than I wanted. Otherwise, this is a nice shot of the whole model plus base.
This one's got good perspective and pretty OK focus, but I wanted something
more "dead on", in terms of perspective, for the final composition.

Profile from the unlit side of the model. I don't know why, but I
like this one. It has a kind of "behind the scenes" sort of vibe.

I completely whiffed the focus on this one, but the perspective and the blur
of it seemed weirdly cinematic, so I ended up hanging on to it.

This extreme close-up of the face captures individual brush strokes as
well as the green eyelid. I liked this one so much I almost used it
for the release notes.
This is another one that I almost ended up using for the release notes.
I would have gone for it if not for the weird blur artifact on the
baby's forehead.

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