Sunday, October 2, 2016

Milestone Release Postponed

Refactored Survivor
Sheet at tablet resolution.

Turns out that I lied yesterday: the Tablet Resolution milestone release is not going into production today.

Sorry about that.

Long story short, I started working on the Survivor Sheet and Settlement Sheet views at tablet resolution and got kind of sidetracked: I started doing some non-trivial refactoring/optimization of both views and I also decided to pull in a number of issues from outside of the milestone and hack on those a bit.

At present, I've got one outstanding issue and more tablet resolution view to finish before I'm ready to test it out and, if everything looks good, release the rest of the update.

Refactored wide resolution Survivor
Sheet showing inc/dec paddles.
I'm feeling good about getting this done at some point tomorrow, so the current thinking is that I'll have the milestone release ready to go on Tuesday or so.

The delay is definitely annoying, but the good news is that this release is going to push a handful of new features, include more than a dozen fixes/corrections and resolve more than 30 tickets.

Thanks again for using the manager!

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