Saturday, October 1, 2016

Milestone Release Tomorrow!

Redesigned tablet resolution Campaign Summary view showing new support for
the "People of the Skull" campaign. Screen capture taken on a Pixel C.

I had originally planned to release it today, but I am running behind schedule, so the next milestone release will go into production at some point tomorrow (probably late afternoon, Central time).

For a sneak peak of what's coming, feel free to review the milestone on GitHub. Otherwise, consider this the official "heads up" that a slew of major, long-awaited improvements and fixes are going out tomorrow, including modal controls for managing Departing Survivors (formerly the Hunting Party).

Also, in V2 news, I am happy to say that the development team on the V2 project has expanded to four people (total). This morning, we had a good, long conversation about goals and general architecture and we are off and running on our various pieces.

Watch this space for more news about the V2 project, including alpha/beta release plans, as it becomes available!

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