Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Change Log: 1.45.908 / 2.10.40

This tiny release is actually kind of a big part of the next V1 milestone.

1.45.908 replaces a lot of the old-time/in-place navigation buttons and links with an upper-left corner hamburger menu. Some of you have noticed that I am trying to take the app in the Material Design direction, and this is part of that.

This is the first trial/test/alpha release of the hamburger refactor, so I expect some rockiness (and have updated the dashboard YHBW box to say as much).

In terms of what's next, keep an eye out for some presentation clean-up/optimization on the burger menu and additional progress towards the upcoming V1/V2 milestones before this weekend!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V2: Fiddled the 'max_age' parameter on a handful of the world assets that are more volatile (latest survivor, latest fatality, total survivors, etc.) to better approximate real-time world info.
  • V1: access to edit the Settlement Sheet is no longer determined during html rendering (the burger handles it now).
  • V1: fixed a bug where the "Game Over" milestone did not display on the Settlement Sheet of People of the Sun campaigns.
  • V1/V2: fixed an API issue where "top five" values were coming back as float instead of int


  • V1: replaced the dashboard button a hamburger ("side nav") button that has different options, depending on view. Should help put a lot of the long-standing navigation/UI complaints (and gripes about "why don't you just use bootstrap.js?") to bed.
    • Created html.render_burger() to process a current session object and determine whether or not to create a burger menu
    • Moved the signout button into the hamburger (all views) and removed it from the various/sundry other places it was in the various views
    • Deprecated/removed all asset link creation from (finally).
    • Moved "+ Create New Survivor" button to the burger
  • V1: now sets the current settlement from the survivor, if it hasn't already been set.

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