Thursday, November 3, 2016

Change Log: 1.46.911

Progress towards the Survivor Sheet refactor milestone continues!

Release 1.46.911 is another tiny V1 release that only pushes a small number of changes.

Most notably, this one includes a refactor of the Survivor Sheet epithet controls that removes the HTML drop-down lists and the need for page refreshes.

My emerging strategy for this milestone is to sort of baby-step through it, pushing features into production as I finish them.

I discovered today that my last big feature push badly broke presentation in Safari at wide resolution. In terms of volume, very few users of the Manager use Safari, but several...influential ones seem to prefer it, so I try to support it. Doing production releases in an incremental fashion, therefore, is meant to help avoid major breakages such as the one I'm dealing with this week in Safari.

At any rate, hit the jump for details. And thanks again for using the Manager!

Fixes and Corrections

  • V1: fixed a wide-resolution presentation issue where the survivor affinity controls blocked the epithet controls at tablet- and wide-resolution.
  • V1: addressed some font-size presentation issues affecting the sign-in screen at wide resolution in Safari.
  • V1: touched up the presentation around survival actions on the Survivor Sheet at wide resolution.


  • V1: replaced Survivor Sheet epithet controls with an angular.js application that does add and remove operations on the survivor object without reloading the page.
  • V1: touched up the main angular.js app to support controllers on all views.
  • V1: touched up so that automatically generated drop-down lists work with the main angular.js controllers.

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