Friday, November 4, 2016

Change Log: 1.46.930 / 2.11.46

Release 1.46.930 isn't super significant for V1, but 2.11.46 a pretty big deal for V2.

In the V1 release, you get a slew of presentation fixes and page reloads on survivor name changes become a thing of the past.

(Speaking of presentation fixes, I haven't got all of the Safari issues handled yet, but...God, there's a ton of them since the tablet resolution release and working through them is super tedious. Also: V2 is cranking, so there isn't a lot of time. Maybe...early part of this coming week?)

In the V2 release, I have added methods work retrieving and dumping survivors via API request as well as methods for updating survivors via API call. Once I tighten up the logging and the security on that, it'll go into service and that's a major piece of API background done and dusted.

Finally, in terms of expansion content, I think I'm just going to follow my heart and take a break from all of this challenging/tedious meat-and-potatoes stuff and implement the Dragon King: look for him to show up in the next release (or maybe the one after that).

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V1: addressed nginx 413 "Entity request too large" error affecting large avatar images (i.e. preventing them from being uploaded).
  • V1: touched up the save button at mobile resolution so that it looks a little more centered (and is wider)
  • V1: settlements with no survivors no longer appear to have blank/null players on admin panel
  • V2: fixed utils.get_logger() so that it nukes all existing handlers whenever a new object tries to initialize (thus guaranteeing that the last guy to get a logger gets the file he wants, etc.)
  • V1: fixed the survivor name input box on the wide-res Settlement Sheet (it had some length issues and could obscure longer survivor names)
  • V1: the burger's "Departing Survivors" section no longer shows a link to the current survivor (if you're viewing a survivor currently)
  • V1: addressed a wide-resolution presentation issue where the accordion menu for "The Dead" could sometimes be partially obscured by a bottom scrollbar.
  • V1: burger no longer shows a link to the new settlement view if you're currently viewing the new settlement view
  • V1: burger now shows links to Settlement Sheet and Campaign Summary when your current view is the new settlement view (you know, in case you change your mind)
  • V1: decreased the max width of the burger at wide- and tablet-resolution (the width on that burger was too damn high!)
  • V1: fixed a bug in the "latest kill" display where there was an errant bullet point when the monster level was displayed.
  • V1: fixed up the centering/alignment on the principle selection rate table (i.e. on dashboard -> "World" panel).


  • V1: dashboard "World" latest settlement now includes campaign info.
  • V2: added the "up_since" and owner uid/name info (re: pid file) to the daemon status dump.
  • V1: deprecated most of (and I feel 10 pounds lighter). Killed 583 lines of code.
  • V1: updated to dump api_world() output (and added a posix param for querying it).
  • V1: added hostname/fqdn to admin panel.
  • V1: added a dashboard button to admin panel and touched up some of the table and h3 issues that made it look chaotic. It's a little tidier now.
  • V2: broke routes out into separate modules (and cleaned up
  • V2: created two new routes for survivor operations ("/survivor/get/<survivor_id>" and "/survivor/update/<survivor_id>"):
    • a GET to the /survivor/get/ route including a valid survivor ID returns the survivor's MDB document without any authorization
    • a POST to the /survivor/update/ route needs to include JSON and, if it contains a valid api_key (in the meta element), updates the survivor's MDB document
  • V2: added api_keys file support (in settings.cfg and in settings.Settings() class). Added a settings.check_key() method to rapidly check an API key.
  • V2: wrote a decorator into utils called error_log() that will wrap all API-based user asset operations and capture all asset operation exceptions that we're not explicitly capturing.
  • V1: adding/removing survivor epithets using the angular.js app now flashes the "saved" notification
  • V1: moved "Export to XLS" controls off of the Campaign Summary and onto the burger
  • V1: moved the "new settlement" view change button to the top of the burger; aligned the top-level burger items right and took their margins down, for better use of the space.

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