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Change Log: 1.47.969 / 2.11.50

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OK, I know I said I was going to do baby steps towards the complete Survivor Sheet refactor milestone, but once I started in on the Dragon King implementation...well, things kind of got away from me,

First and foremost, release 1.47.969 adds support for the Dragon King expansion as well as the People of the Stars campaign (including survivor constellations and the whole deal: it's all there).

(In the past, I have had some people ask about process, i.e. how I go from opening the box to implementing expansion support. If you're interested, I tried to block out all of the major features as GitHub issues, and you can read the full milestone details here.)
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In terms of the Survivor Sheet refactor, this release keeps the ball rolling forward on that and adds better UI/UX for survivor avatar controls, survivor name changes, permanent affinity controls and a handful of other elements of the sheet.

This release also pushes a slew of presentation corrections and fixes. Many of those fixes are specifically targeted at Safari, but I have to say that the app is still pretty much unusable in that browser.

(All I can say about that is that I'm working on it and I plan to keep fixing presentation issues until we're back to here we were before the tablet resolution release went out and broke everything in Safari.)

Finally, this also pushes a few "quality of life" adjustments, such as a touched up the "new settlement" screen, which now includes "subtitle" text for expansion content (should help the new people who come in with the upcoming Kickstarter, etc.) and a top 10 causes of death table on the dashboard "World" panel.

There's even more in this release: hit the jump for details!

And thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes 

  • V1: Sunstalker "Jowls" resource is now listed as both "iron" and "scrap" (formerly, it was only "iron" and did not show up in scrap resource tallies).
  • V2: nemesis monster attribute "exclude_from_picker" is now "selectable" (and Lonely Tree has it set to False).
  • V2: world.WorldDaemon.dump_status() no longer throws a traceback/exception when the daemon is not running.
  • V1: settlement founders no longer have controls for modifying parents on their Survivor Sheets. Settlement founders are survivors born in LY0 or who have the "Founder" epithet.
  • V1: campaign-specific PotStars survivor attributes no longer appear on the Survivor Sheets of PotLantern campaign survivors
  • V1: addressed a presentation issue affecting the campaign summary view (wide resolution) where the survival limit was a too close to the available endeavors box and could overlap it.
  • V1: fixed campaign-specific attribute toggle fonts on the Survivor Sheet at wide resolution (they're no longer gigantic)
  • V1: set a max width on the Survivor Sheet survivor sex box (so it doesn't break the formatting on tablet width resolution anymore)
  • V1: revised the tablet-width permanent affinity modal so that it displays horizontally (rather than stretching down and requiring a scroll)
  • V1: addressed a tablet-width presentation issue where the quantity controls and drop-downs for adding items to Settlement Storage had a massive vertical gap between them
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue where settlements with no triggered milestone events had no principle selection options and the default text was being placed outside of the principles box.
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue where campaign-specific attrib toggle boxes had clickable regions beyond their borders at tablet resolution.
  • V1: fixed a bug in assets.Settlement.get_game_asset_deck() where forbidden items could be returned.
  • V1: fixed a bug where attempting to access the event log from the Survivor Sheet threw a traceback in some cases
  • V1: fixed a wide resolution presentation issue in Safari where survivor avatars were huge.
  • V1: fixed a wide resolution presentation issue where Courage/Understanding/etc. number were slightly off-centered.


  • V1: Linked a few A&I's to epithets
  • V1: added some Dragon King epithets
  • V1: added Dragon King expansion support:
    • keyed in four disorders
    • keyed in five innovations
    • keyed in three Strange Resources
    • added resources pseduo-asset for Dragon King resources
    • added two locations (and keyed in their endeavors)
    • keyed in nine Dragon King resources
    • created an expansion asset with plug-in timeline auto-add for "Glowing Crater"
    • created a Dragon King quarry asset (V1 and V2)
    • added "Scythe" weapon proficiency asset; keyed in mastery and specialization A&I's
    • keyed in six fighting arts
    • created a The Tyrant nemesis asset (V1 and V2)
    • keyed in 20 gear cards
    • keyed in 10 story event pages
    • created a "People of the Stars" campaign asset; set attribs according to biz logic in the book and keyed in the timeline; added campaign-specific attribs
    • added The Tyrant as an "always available" nemesis of the Campaign
    • keyed in 10 A&I's
  • V1: Created "cause_of_death" asset dict in for use in upcoming cause of death refactor; started filling it with assets.
  • V1: added assets.Survivors.is_founder() for determining whether a survivor is a founder.
  • V2: refactored world.World.get_top_names() to simply be get_top() and to support random document attribute queries.
  • V2: added world.get_top_causes_of_death() method and asset to world as a top 10 (because everyone loves top 10's)
  • V1: added top 10 causes of death to the dashboard "World" panel
  • V1: added latest settlement block to the admin panel, cleaned up some presentation and added a floating block with version number on it
  • V1: updated assets.Survivors.get_expansion_attribs() to check campaigns as well as expansions for content-specific add-on survivor attribs.
  • V1: added campaign type to the campaign summary view
  • V1: campaign summary links on the dashboard now also display campaign type
  • V1: new settlement view now supports "subtitles" for expansion content: I keyed in some explanatory text for Beta Challenge Scenarios and White Box.
  • V1: refactored the CSS/presentation for the new settlement view so it's a little more configurable now (rather than just relying on inheritance)
  • V1: constellation traits appear in maroon:
    • A&I's
    • Fighting Arts
    • Disorders
  • V1: removed form-style controls for updating avatars from all views
  • V1: made avatars clickable (clicking opens the file upload controls and browses local for a file)
  • V1: created a default avatar on all Survivor Sheets to use as the control for adding avatars to survivors who don't have them
  • V1: the "always_available_nemesis" attrib now accepts a string (instead of a bool) and works with both expansions AND campaigns.
  • V1: campaign assets now support the "founder_epithet" attribute, which forces the "First Story" survivors to have that epithet.
  • V1: moved the "new settlement" button to the top of the dashboard "Settlements" panel.
  • V1: campaign assets now support the "survivor_additional_attribs" attribute, which is basically a dict that gets spammed onto new survivors in that campaign upon creation.
  • V1: assets.Survivor.is_founder() returns False if a survivor with a LY 0 birth is created with parents (corner case)
  • V1: updated to support the addition of abilities_and_impairments to new/newborn survivors if required by an innovation, etc.
  • V1: new settlements now inherit the nemesis_monsters attrib from their campaign (if it has one)
  • V1: added UI/UX controls for setting constellations on survivors; added a settlement event log item for the event as well.
  • V1: survivors with constellations get a little piece of flair on their asset link to indicate their constellation (and that they are a man...that they are a dragon man...but they were always...)
  • V1: created an assets.Settlement.get_story_event() method to facilitate the change from "Bold" and "Insight" to "Awake" on the Dragon Survivor Sheets.

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