Sunday, November 13, 2016

Change Log: 1.48.1004

Armor kit bundle!
Given the sheer number of new features and revisions I've been pushing lately, I decided to use the weekend to spend some time with the Manager and do some deep-dive QA/usability testing. The result is release 1.48.1004.

The main improvement/feature to come out of the experiment is one I hadn't planned: better tagging of returning survivors. Instead of the "R" in the upper-left corner of the survivor's asset link (e.g. on the Campaign Summary view) on the year they return, you now get a.) two different colors (one for survivors returning last LY, one for this LY) and b.) a numerical reference to say when they were a returning survivor.

Other than that, this one fixes some bugs, pushes some more epithets and does some general house-keeping.

More soon!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V1: fixed a survivor avatar positioning issue affecting template resolution
  • V1: fixed the RANDOM_FIGHTING_ARTS bug (and added a patch that will fix broken survivors)
  • V1: fixed an issue where the red "R" (for returning survivor) flag would sometimes display in the year the survivors returned, rather than the year that they were returning survivors.
  • V1: the "Arena" innovation is no longer mistakenly listed as a consequence of "Symposium" (not sure what happened there)
  • V1: People of the Stars campaign Settlement Sheets no longer list the "Dragon Armory" as a location option by default.


  • V1: keyed in the "Nightmare Breast Pump" from the Wet Nurse White Box and the "Jack O' Lantern" from the Halloween Special Pinup Twilight Knight.
  • V1: keyed in a handful of general-use epithets as well as a few more fun ones for the PotStars
  • V1: added a departing survivor flag for "just returned" survivors and title/tooltip that explains the difference.
  • V1: touched up the available endeavors colors/presentation to look a.) more like the settlement location cards and b.) more Material Design-ish

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