Sunday, November 6, 2016

Change Log: 1.48.976 / 2.11.55

Release 1.48.976 is another tiny release in the Survivor Sheet refactor milestone (which will also coincide with the anniversary release of the Manager, hence the slew of usability features).

This one adds two new features, one major and one minor:

  • the sidenav/burger now features a little form that encourages users to report issues and then emails me directly when they use they app to report them.
  • the Survivor Sheet cause of death controls have been completely refactored and placed into a modal window.
There's actually a lot of back-end refactoring that went into this one, especially in terms of the JS app, which I spent quite a bit of quality time with on this branch.

At any rate, Safari presentation issue clean-up continues with this release as well, but I still haven't gotten all of those nailed down yet. Obviously I'm going to keep plugging away on presentation issues as I work towards the milestone.

Hit the jump for full notes. 

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V2: relaxed the criteria for the "latest_settlement" query so that LY 0 settlements and settlements without deaths or survivors can be selected.
  • V2: touched up daemon operations to be more streamlined and report exceptions (e.g. too many mdb connections, etc.) better for faster troubleshooting.
  • V2: corrected a handful of mdb.killboard records (part of the on-going reconciliation between the legacy settlement["defeated_monsters"] data and the V2 collection)
  • V1: addressed a tablet-width iPhone presentation issue (also affecting some tablets) where the Survivor Sheet survivor name field overlapped survivor controls.
  • V1: fixed a bug where viewing a survivor from the dashboard threw a traceback


  • V2: added dump_others() method to to summarize mdb.killboard assets whose handle is other (for recon/research purposes and to help in the clean-up).
  • V2: added some additional Screaming Antelope misspellings
  • V1: added an angular.js controller for the big "container" element
  • V1: added a JS function for declaring modal content within the scope of the "container"; deprecated un-DRY, in-line script (and improved page load speeds noticeably: dang, son!)
  • V1: moved the sidenav/burger JS into the main app.js
  • V1: added a button to the burger that lets users report issues via a direct email from a form within the app.
  • V1: refactored survivor death controls and created/updated assets.Survivor.death() to accommodate the changes. 
  • V1: keyed in some common survivor deaths (and some expansion-specific ones, to make sure that all worked correctly).

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