Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Change Log: 1.48.984

This one's a bit of a patch/hot-fix for V1.

tl;dr I ended up breaking some controls on the Survivor Sheet in the last feature push (remember what I was saying a few posts back about baby steps?) and this release fixes those.

In addition to the fixes to the things I broke, this one also makes the Survivor Sheet less likely to have to refresh on an update. One of the high-level goals of the Survivor Sheet Refactor milestone is to make the Survivor Sheet less clunky overall, and having fewer page refreshes during normal use is a big part of that goal.

Hit the jump for release details. More feature/refactor news this weekend!

Corrections and Fixes

  • Fixed Survivor Sheet controls for "favorite" and "retired" (which broke in the last Survivor Sheet feature push).
  • Addressed two presentation issues on the Survivor Sheet at wide resolution: the "Insanity" text no longer stretches the insanity/brain box; the "Dead" button that opens survivor Controls of Death is no longer huge.


  • Abstracted the function for updating user asset (e.g. survivors, settlements) attributes so that it can be easily plugged into the Survivor and Settlement sheet
  • Added assets.Survivor.update_sex() method to handle survivor sex updates (and log them to the settlement event log)
  • Updated the assets.Survivor.modify() method to handle sex updates using the new method.
  • Updated the Survivor Sheet to do attribute updates without a page refresh for the following:
    • sex
    • favorite
    • retired
    • skip next hunt
  • Punched up the assets.Survivor.retire() method to do better logging; ditto with assets.Survivor.toggle()
  • Keyed in a few more cause_of_death assets from the core book.

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