Thursday, November 10, 2016

Change Log: 1.48.995

1.48.995 is another baby-step towards the completion of the big Survivor Sheet Refactor project.

The only major change-ups in this tiny piece of the puzzle are that the Survivor Sheet toggles have some advanced prettiness/UX features now and the burger/sidenav now shows your favorite survivors.

In terms of the big picture, we're down to the final 10 (or so) issues that need to be resolved for the milestone to be complete, which is pretty cool: looks like I might just hit that Black Friday deadline after all.

Thanks again for using the Manager!

Corrections and Fixes

  • V2: fixed the latest_fatality query so that it uses a survivor's "died_on" attrib, rather than their "created_on" to determine who is the most recent fatality.
  • V2: fixed the Survivor Sheet toggle bug to caused random survivor attribs to be toggled on save.
  • V1: resolved additional issues related to the toggle bug from yesterday.
  • V1: fixed the fighting art "strikethrough" effect on the Survivor Sheet when "Cannot Use Fighting Arts" is toggled.
  • V1: fixed a bug where duplicate fighting arts could be added by user error
  • V1: fixed a presentation issue affecting tablet and wide resolution where the right asset management pane (Survivor and Settlement Sheets) could float in an unpredictable and/or undesirable location.
  • V1: started doing some CSS linting to clean up the master style.css (it's a piping hot mess in there)


  • V2: updated the world.get_eligible_docs() method to accept an optional 'sort_on' kwarg.
  • V2: added an API-side asset for the Dragon King expansion, so it will show up in the popularity contest, etc.
  • V1: improved the JS app with conditional, id/class-based format toggle controls
  • V1: refactored survival actions section of the Survivor Sheet, including no-refresh toggles/saves and some code in the JS app for fanciness. Also touched up assets.Survivor.get_survival_actions(), obvi.
  • V1: added the assets.Survivor.update_fighting_arts() method; it logs fighting art additions and removals in the settlement log, along with implementing the business logic for maximum, etc.
  • V1: overhauled presentation on the Survivor Sheet toggles ("skip next hunt", "cannot spend survival", etc.) to make them look more...of-a-piece with the rest of the sheet.
  • V1: admin panel user latest activity strings now include a concise asset summary as well as an MDB _id value.
  • V1: added a warning for Safari users (managed to stop short of telling them about what I really thought).
  • V1: "favorite" survivors are now shown in a user's burger, regardless of whether they're in the departing list or not (they get their own heading). The favorites list does NOT double dip into the departing survivors list.

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